Friday, February 1, 2008

Korean Sauna and DMZ tour

My gosh, I have so much to tell u guys... I've really taken a liking to Seoul, despite it being an expensive place. Last night me and Anna decided to try the Korean Sauna experience. Quite, ehum, different. We had to walk around butt naked in a huge room that was full of showers, 2 saunas (one regular and one steam), 6 different pools and benches where u could get a real 'scrub', and at 10 pm on a Thu night the place was packed! Women of all ages and shapes sat on small stools and scrubbed themselves with special gloves. We have already decided to go back on Sunday, armed with gloves so that we fit in better.

This morning we did the DMZ tour to the North Korean boarder. It was an extremely interesting and at the same emotional experience. Our guide's family was originally from North Korea so the guide had so many interesting things to tell us. I will share some more info and put up some pictures once I am back in Shanghai. One of the highlights was the visit to one of the tunnels that the North Koreans had secretly dugged to South Korea, in order to eventually do a secret invasion.

Being at the boarder and watching the 'dividing fences' felt both strange, scary and a bit unreal, especially when we watched a whole city that the North koreans have built (only for viewing) in order to pretend that their country is wealthy and that the population is doing well.. I recommend the DMZ tour to anyone who is planning a visit to Seoul.

Tonight we r going out in an area which is supposed to be 'Seoul's Beverly Hills' so we are quite excited! :) I'll get back to you with a hangover report tomorrow! :)

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