Monday, February 25, 2008

Where to party in Shanghai: (bomb) Shelter nightclub

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I thought I seen it all when it comes to nightclubs in Shanghai. But that was before I went to the Shelter, Shanghais new, unpretentious, highly popular nightclub.

The Shelter is what it is. A bomb shelter that has been transformed into a nightclub. The drinks are a bit cheaper than at other places. The bar staff are friendly. The music is unpredictable (last Sat they had reggae, which isn’t the most usual choice of tunes amongst the highly commercial and techno-loving Shanghai clubs). And the crowd is… mixed! Imagine everything from young students to Shanghai seniors. Not that many locals though, bit I think that will change.

After my first visit to this Shelter I must say I’m quite satisfied with the experience. Sure, the club got a bit smoky towards the end of the evening, and I wouldn’t recommend the place for someone who is claustrophobic. But it’s definitely a nice, fresh change in Shanghai’s club scene, and definitely a place that feels far away from glitz and glamour at the Bund. (Leave your heels at home!)

Just don’t ask me where the fire escape is.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't been to the bomb, but a friend of mine told me that it was pretty hip for bomb shelter. Visiting during the Games. I will definitely check it out.