Saturday, January 10, 2009

Longing for spring and street food

It's freezing cold in Suzhou at the moment. According to the weather forecast it was a whopping minus 10 degrees last night?! Well, -10 degrees is normally not that big of a deal for me (I used to live in Finland, remember? That winter we had -35 degrees for one week straight.. and I was on crutches...) However, houses are build a little bit differently in Scandinavia. Unlike houses in China, the walls of Scandinavian houses are not paper thin... and a central heating system is always in place. Anyways. My point is: when it is -10 degrees in Suzhou it is d*** cold in Suzhou, because that tiny little air con that our flat is equipped with, simply isn't that efficient. 

Anyways, what better thing to do when it's freezing cold outside but to dream about spring...? And with spring comes... wonderful street food!! Ah... just looking at these photos (that I took at a Shanghai street food market in 2007) makes me hungry (and I just had breakfast). But seriously, doesn't it look tempting? (And nice, with the sun shining down at the vendors)

Pumpkin cake -greasy but good!


Mmmm... jiaozi... (fried dumplings)

I never eat fish or seafood from these street markets, although you have to agree that they look kind of yummy...

Classic fruit stick...

Chocolate makes everything better!

Finally, bubble tea -no street meal is complete without a cup of milky bubble tea!


Anna Davidson said...

I love street food! When I first arrived in China, during the summer, I ate at a great little street near my apartment filled with yummy foods. Then, overnight they seemed to disappear. But, whenever I am coming home late from a night out (not very often mind you!), the street is packed with food vendors. Anyone know why they are only in action in the middle of the night??? Bring back street food in winter at a reasonable hour I say!!

Mark's Blog said...

Gosh! I just went back to NZ few days ago

I cant see these pics anymore! These food are killing me!

Soooooo damn delicious!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Small chocolate fountain!

Jonna Wibelius said...

Anna -someone once told me that those night-street food vendors only operate during night time because they are actually not legal?! Not sure if it is true though...

Mark -I know.. u better come back soon! :)

Emil -hehe, I thought about u when I uploaded that chocolate fountain photo. No fish in sight though.... :)

Anonymous said...

We had several boba 波霸/珍珠 bars open up when it was at the height of its popularity several years ago. They also served weird Asian juice concoctions which I got to like. They have since closed. There is a nearby Asian supermarket which has a Boba stall but only open occasionally. I like mine with black tapioca pearls.