Friday, January 2, 2009

NY celebrations

Party taking off

So far, 2009 has been quite good. But then again, I cannot say I have been over-active. NY eve was spend in Shanghai with a bunch of Australian friends. We started off with dinner at 1221, a Shanghainese restaurant located on Yan'an Lu. The restaurant was packed and there was a festive atmosphere, that got even better when a bunch of highly intoxicated Russians sat down at the table next to ours and started singing Russian Christmas carols. Soon, they decided to get the rest of the restaurant's guests involved too, and passed a "microphone" (which was in fact a confetti popper!) to our table and asked us for a contribution. Seeing that our table was 80% Australian, the Aussies sang some Australia song, which managed to grab the rest of the restaurant's guest's attention, and then the party really took off. The confetti popper was passed around and we listened to Chinese, Italian, Swedish, Russian, and God-knows-what-language-Christmas carols?! Even the staff did a little performance. It was hilarious!

Australian anthem

Around 10.30pm we decided to leave the singing restaurant and head for New Heights who was having an 'aprés-ski' party. Fortunately, we had ignored the theme, because no one had dressed up. The party was so-so. They had this open bar deal, and therefore the quality of drinks wasn't the best and everyone at the place were wasted (drinks were made with generous amounts of booze and moderate amounts of mixers... and at around 1.30am the bar was completely out of mixers and wine). Since we weren't that interested in drinking straight vodka from tall highball glasses, we left around 2.30am. All in all it was a good night, although I don't think I'll go to that New Heights party again. Open bars sort of bodes for messiness.

New Heights

New Heights

Yesterday we woke up in Shanghai feeling everything but flash. After a whopper meal at Burger King, however, we regained our powers, and caught the train back to Suzhou where we bought ourselves loads of DVDs, opened a box of Swedish chocolates (ahhhh!), and ordered copious amounts of Chinese dishes from a local restaurant. Mmmmmm.... not the healthiest start of 2009, but well... sometimes it is nice to be lazy!!

Today is a holiday in China (although as a result of having today off, everybody have to work/go to school on Sunday so it's not really a day off 'for free') and I am planning to study, study and study. On Monday and Tuesday I have my final exams and I would lie if I said I have prepared well. I guess I should also hit the gym at some point, but well... no rush. I am too comfortable to move at the moment. I hope that everyone had a great NY, and a good start of the new year!


Anonymous said...

Sorry had to laugh at the mental image of you at Burger King. Sounds like a great atmosphere at 1221. It's nice when everyone is in that kind of nice friendly mood. Pity it's not like that every day of the year. Happy new year (I've only said it to you about 50 times so once more for good luck)!

Jonna Wibelius said...

There's no limit on how many times u can say it... right? I hope u had a blast in London too! :)

(oh, and as for BK... I finished my meal within 10 minutes? Impressive, ey?! I'd say it's a new record. Not a single fries was left)

Anonymous said...

I've found this Chinese New Year Song on youtube (, and I'd like to know if it's Mandarin or Cantonese...