Monday, November 8, 2010

The wknd that went by

Fashion Sunday

What a weekend! This time I threw in the healthy towel and the yoga mat and decided to focus on having fun with friends instead.

Friday started with an A/W session with my dear workmates, followed by some kind of art exhibition/circus show at a gallery on Doulun Lu. Kind of nice area, I’ve never been there before but I’m definitely going back to explore it more at some stage. A kind of interesting event that is hard to classify as something else but a circus, because what else can you call it when there’s a mix of art, lucky draws, student fashion shows, groups of little muscle guys (spray tanned and beefy) and four people playing bongo drums?! Ahhh… China in a nutshell –a hot mess!

Saturday came and we spent the day Christmas shopping, followed by a lovely, Japanese dinner with friends, before I pulled four invitations to some bar opening of a new place called the “Shaks Pavilion” (?) from my bag. We decided to give it a go and headed out to the middle of nowhere (ever heard of Ziyun lu?!) where there indeed was a fancy looking bar/restaurant called “Shaks pavilion.” We were greeted at the door and taken upstairs, where there was some kind of weird, Chinese VIP party with a live band playing salsa, and older women shaking it in their most elegant qipaos… The setting was so posh, yet so weird, and the hostess kept bringing over “important guests” to our table, introducing them and then making us have a cheers with them? Nothing made much sense, which was kind of hilarious, and as a result we ended up having a great time, clinking glasses with strangers, dancing to YMCA (yes, because after the salsa band came YMCA and those kind of hits!) and checking out the fancy looking crowd while they jammed it out.

Sunday came with more Christmas shopping (I’m now officially done, and my dear loved ones back home has a lot of packages coming their way with the mail as I’m not going to Sweden for this Xmas), hamburgers at Bistro Burger, and then finally a fashionable end to this fabulous wknd: a Mary Jiang fashion show at some new, Xintiandi fashion mall. The show featured mainly men’s fashion and Lamborghini cars (!) and a crowd full of familiar faces. Overall, a great wknd, that I had to pay for today when I woke up with a throat thick as glue... The flu season is definitely here and even though I took a flu shot last Tuesday I guess I'm not immune to the fact that people are sneezing and coughing everywhere without covering their mouths.


ere said...

haha, i wander if those guests were that important. thaha atleast u were introduced haha

..and im surpised you got your christmas done shopping already i cant even start yet.. ugh but anyway cool fashion show ttyl

Unknown said...

Sounds a busy, busy weekend. Christmas shopping done already? I have yet to see the decor up here.