Wednesday, August 13, 2008

China VS Sweden (and I have no TV anymore)

Gan Bei!

Cheap Chinese food.

Nothing beats the Shanghai nightlife: me and Anna always have a blast when we r out and about.

Big, cheap dinners with big, friendly crowds.

Cheap shopping in Shanghai (although shoes there rarely fit me)

My little brother asked me what I missed most about China when I am home. I answered:

·      * Cheap food/taxis/clothes/cocktails

·      * People saying ’hello’ to me (I have learned to find them charming!)

·      * My gym with the two, friendly Hunan boys

·      * Living rent free in a huge flat and having a cleaning lady doing our dishes (this is worth GOLD!)

·     *  The fact that anything can happen throughout a normal weekday.

·      * People selling pineapple/melon/you name it on the streets (My snacks in Sweden consists of sandwiches. I must have gained some pound over here!)

·      * My friends in China.

·      * The nightlife in Shanghai.

·      * The fact that you can always ask for a better price, even when you buy bananas.

·      * People telling me my Chinese is ‘so good.’ (Yeah I know, this is kind of pathetic to miss but it makes me feel so good…)

He then asked what I missed while I am in China, thinking about Sweden… I said:

·      * My friends/family.

·      * Clean air and nature.

·      * The fact that you can (almost) always go for a run outside.

·      * Swedish comfort food. Like I said, I probably have gained some weight over here… but there’s just so many good things? Although I have realised I have been eating things that I normally would never eat when I am in Sweden –just because I CAN eat them… like 3 different kind of chocolate bars (why?), muesli (which I never eat otherwise), biscuits/cakes (??! –normally I am not even that fond), and milk?! I don’t even like milk? But over here I for some reason wanna drink it because it feels so ’good.’ Odd.

·      * Not being taller/wider than every single girl on the street. Actually, in Sweden I am probably… quite average when it comes to length… and slim?! Insane. I worship this feeling!

·      * Shoes that fit me (I think I’ve bought 4 pairs already)

·      * Not having swollen feet (although as soon as I land in Shanghai my feet will swell again)

·      * Clothes that fit me, completely, not just almost… In China there is normally some sort of problem (sleeves might be too short on a jumper, a dress might be too tight over my hips… etc)   

When I had finished talking (and this took a while, trust me!) my brother sat silent for a while, obviously thinking, before he said:


“So, 10-8 to China. I guess that means you won’t be coming home for another year or two still? Can I have your old TV? 

Sweden: friends

How can I not miss my (slightly special?) family?

Swedish crayfish party
Mmmm... Swedish summer...

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