Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Faking it

I had an old pedicure voucher so I decided to get my highly neglected nails done some weeks ago….

Sitting at an upscale Spa reading a magazine, two older western ladies with American accents came to sit beside me to get their nails polished. They started off by telling each other about the last weeks adventures, including crazy taxi drivers, spicy food and cheesecakes at Starbucks, before they went on to something deeper, namely shopping.

Woman 1 started with praising Woman 2’s new handbag; a black, fake, Gucci purse.

W2: Yeah isn’t it adorable! I bought it at this amazing market!
W1: Where is that market?
W2: At Nanjing Lu… It is called something with fashion…. Maybe it is fashion market!
W1: You have to take me there!
W2: Yes I have to! They have amazing bags there! Leather and stuff! And the prices are good too. You just have to be a bit stubborn!
W1: Oh, how is that?
W2: Well, you have to haggle the price down. But don’t worry, I am good at that! I bought this bag for a very special price!
W1: Special price?
W2: Yes, a special price. The sales girl wanted 800 yuan for it! And I mean, it is a nice bag! Look at it, real leather!? [holding out the bag so the other woman can look again] But I got it for 400 yuan!! Now that is a good price!
W1: Yes, 400 is very cheap! You are so good at haggling!
W2: Hahaha, well, no.. but if you want to I can help you to get things cheaper.

Lord. And I always wondered who those people are, you know, those that buy all that fake, shitty stuff. Well at least now I know why people are so keen on selling it…


Anonymous said...

I've been to Shanghai and Beijing and browsed through the fake markets - most "name brand bags", even the large ones, aren't worth more than 50 yuan, and that's hoping that the strap doesn't snap on you within a week.

I've been reading your blog for a while now; it's one of the few personal Chinese travel blogs on the net. Keep it up!

Jonna Wibelius said...

I know -they are worth nothing. Still people pay for them?! Quite incredible! I once spoke to a girl at a fake bag stand and she told me she won't sell the fake bags too cheap to some foreigners, because there are always other foreigners that are willing to pay more!

I'm glad that you and some other people are reading and enjoying my blog. I get a lot of bad comments too, of course, but I suppose that's what comes with blogging; u always manage to annoy someone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jonna,

I really enjoy your Blog, I try to read it when ever I get a chance.

I hope you continue with it for a while yet!!

Enjoying it from sleepy Perth...


Anonymous said...

they got cheated that's for sure

Jonna Wibelius said...