Thursday, March 20, 2008

An intensive day in Suzhou is about to take place

After a lot of train rides (Suzhou-Shanghai) today is going to be an all-day-long-in-Suzhou-exclusive for my mom and brother (who are here until Sunday, in case someone wonders).

We are planning the following things:

• the pearl market
• the silk market
• Shiquan Jie (maybe I can convince them to visit the recently opened Bookworm cafĂ©)
• The Humble administrator’s garden
• A canal ride (if the sky remains as blue as it is right now?)
• Some massage
• Tiger Hill
• Horse back riding at Lakeside.
• Suzhou museum

I get tired just at looking at this list. And I know we are obviously not going to make it all. But I deserve some credit for trying, right? Especially since I am not a sightseeing-loving-person. Anyways, the reason why I am sharing this is because I just recently moved to Suzhou, and I might have forgotten something crucial in order to get the ultimate Suzhou experience? Have I? Suzhou-knowers, speak now! We only have until Sunday, and I am planning at least 2 more escapes to Shanghai!

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Anonymous said...

why did u delete your tibet post?