Friday, March 14, 2008

Straight talking

Got to share this one with you...

Yesterday I went to do laser hair removal (for the bikini line). All you girls out there should know why. And all you guys? Well, shaving is a pain!

A tiiiiiny bit embarrassing however, was that the laser treatment took place at a plastic surgery clinic?! When the taxi driver dropped me off he saw the sign, glanced at my boobs and gave me a superficial smirk. (It's not what it looks like, dude!!)

Before I got to see the doctor I had some 'consultation'. A gorgeous (however plastic) girl came to greet me and started off by telling me how fantastic I looked. (Not convincing –especially not when it comes from someone plastic-fantastic).

Then, we sat down and went through the treatment and the prices. FYI, it’s not cheap, but not outrageously expensive. Average, I suppose it the word I am looking for.

-Okay, so are you ready to meet the doctor? Plastic girl asked. She will look at your ‘situation’.
-Ehum, okay…
I said, feeling a tad uncomfortable. Eh… so the doctor. Is it a woman or a man?
-Oh! It’s a WOMAN of course!
Plastic girl said, and I sighed in relief. And you don’t have to worry one thing! She is perfectly and 100% straight, if you know what I mean?! She added, giving me her most understanding look.
-Eh… sure. Well… Good! I guess?

(Too much information?)

The treatment itself was very quick and not as painful as plastic girl had told me it would be. Plastic girl had even mentioned I could get tranquilizers before my second treatment if I found the first treatment to be too painful. Tranquilizers? For a burning little pinch? Naaaah, I don’t think so!

Now, don’t worry sensitive readers who are not one bit interested in my laser treatment, I won’t give any more details. I just thought I’d let you know that in China you are entitled to know if your doctor is straight or not. In case you’re interested, that is.

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