Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mom's Chinese attempt

My mom and my little brother are coming to Shanghai this Friday. Yup. All the way from Sweden. It’s my mom’s second, and my brother’s first visit to China.

I’m happy mom has been here before because it takes away some of that first-time-in-China-nervousness (for her). Last time she was heading this way she was so over the top excited about the trip that she, 6 months prior to leaving, signed up for a Chinese language course for adults.

Her group started out with 12 enthusiastic students aged 35-60, and an even more enthusiastic Chinese teacher. However, when I spoke to mom after her first lesson she sounded kind of troubled because it was so hard. The fact that haft of the class didn’t turn up for the second class didn’t make things better.

After her second lesson she made a confession: “I know I’ve always taught you and your siblings never to give up easy, but this course is simply too hard for someone in my age! I don’t understand a word of what she [the teacher] is saying. I simply have to drop it!”

Still, mom’s a stubborn woman, and decided to give it one last go. That became one painful last lesson. Because mom was the only student. She had a one-and-one with the teacher that she still doesn’t want to talk about.

Anyhooo, that’s in the past and to prepare for her second trip, my mom doesn’t have to take any courses or read any Lonely Planet books; she’s got me! I can’t wait to get her here!!

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Lullun said...

Kul med besök! Men illa med kursen. Men det är verkligen ett svårt språk.

Känner tyvär oxå igen fenomenet. Min första grönländskakurs (och tyvär fortfarande enda, efter 7 år på Grönland) startade också med en stor, totalentusiastisk klass. Vi blev dock hela tiden färre och färre.

3:e träffen, strax innan jul, ställde läraren sig så frågande till varför vi ville lära oss att säga "god jul & gott nytt år" på grönländska. (Samtliga kursdeltagara bodde ju i Grönland och hade grönländska kollegor, så hur svårt är det att förstå, egentligen?!)

4:e träffen var vi bara 2 kvar.

5:e gången, ja inte dök jag upp iaf... Så synd.

Svårt sptåk OCH en dålig lärare; ingen bra kombination. så det har fått bli självstudier istället...