Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Haiku Experience

I know I have wasted a lot of blog space on writing about Haiku, my favourite Japanese restaurant in Shanghai, but just look at these pix?! Haiku’s sushi rolls are outstanding. I brought along my mom and bro and they both loved it (and my brother isn’t easy to impress). If you’re dropping by Shanghai don’t miss this yummy experience. The restaurant is located on 28B Taojiang Road near Hengshan Road, but make sure you make a reservation, because the place tends to fill up, especially on the weekends (021-64450021).

Ninja Roll (tempura shrip, crab, onion and spicy sauce on top)

Princess Roll. Everyone's favorite.

Speaking of my brother and mom, btw, they left this morning. Saaaad. But we had a great time over here together!

Roxy Rolito -tuna, cream cheese and 119 sauce. Yum!

Oh, and some people have been asking my why I removed my Tibet post. Well, I can handle people calling me brainwashed and stupid and yadi yadi because of my opinion, because we all think differently about things in this world. But I cannot handle personal threats being emailed to me. So I decided to remove the post. This isn’t a political blog after all. I would have loved to write about my view on these sorts of things, but that will have to happen in another blog, and at another place.

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