Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dress code at the gym: high heels?

Respect?! (Picture:Xinhuanet/AFP)

I know I deserve this but I can't help feeling a bit sorry for myself. After 3 days of over-ambitious training (we are talking speed running on the treadmill and 30 min of skipping rope... plus weights. For 3 days!) I can barely move. Sure I was keen to get back into my routine but maybe I was a bit too keen? I have promised one of the Hunan guys that I'll join his body pump class tonight (something I've never tried -is it hard? Do I have to be coordinated? Flexible? I am neither of those....) but let's see how that goes. You mainly train your upper body in body pump, right? Because my lower body can't take anymore a.t.m. Even my calves are stiff, and that never happens. (I guess skipping rope can make wonders happen?)

Anyways, yesterday when I was doing 20 min of cool down at the bike I looked around only to see:

* The woman next to me working out in a pair of tight, skinny jeans. She was in her 40ies.

* A young girl running on the treadmill, wearing black pants, sneakers and a quite dressy blouse (?) that was so transparent that u could see her bra underneath. I almost wanted to tell her that she'll ruin her boobs if she keeps running in an ordinary bra... but then again, doesn't she feel how 'bumpy' and uncomfortable it is by herself?

* A girl in heels taking on the step machine (impressive sight I have to say!)

* A girl in a mini skirt lying down to do sit-ups... (that's when I stopped looking).

Don't get me wrong. I think people have the right to work out in anything they want to work out in... but I am just thinking... how can they be comfortable wearing that? I can BARELY manage a whole day in high heels? (although when it comes to wearing heels Chinese women are truly fantastic. They seem to wear them every day at any time and they wear them sooooo well, even being able to run to the bus in them -RESPECT! Maybe I should take a course?)

Well I guess the main thing is that they go to the gym. Not what they wear to the gyms. Still, I just wish someone would explain the importance of a sport bra to the ladies.


Anonymous said...

The Chinese are still learning. China has gone from a poor isolated country to a red hot global economy in 30 years. Chinese people simply don't have time to process it all. They are learning by trials and errors. Please do tell them. They would appreciate it as long as you do it respectfully.

Anonymous said...

Umm, if I consistently hear, "Why are you so fat, you work out everday?" at the gym. I think it is ok for me to say, "Why are you wearing a regular bra? Your boobs are going to hang to the floor by the time your 35!" That's all I'm sayin:-)

Jonna Wibelius said...

njd -seriously, ppl say that to you?!?!? Hahahhahaha... that's just... so Chinese!! Yesterday I had lunch w a Chinese friend and I told him that in Europe we don't really comment on other people's weight, even if they have put on a few kilos... He was quite amazed.
-so if I comment you think it is rude? he asked.
-well, yeah, a little bit! I think my weight is none of your business.
-Oh... I see...

Anonymous said...

So Jonna how much do you weigh? If it's sensitive just tell me your body mass index :-p

I have been meaning to do a gym attire blog post for a while. It is completely crazy what some people wear.

I disagree that people can wear what they want. They should consider other gym members and ideally all the girls should wear as little as possible :-p

Jonna Wibelius said...

My BMI is around 20-21 (it depends on how much chocolate I've had lately -right now it is more like 21 since I've just been on a eatiday, sorry, holiday).

I don't think BMI or scale numbers tells very much about your health, however, seeing that muscles weight more than fat, and I believe I have a fair bit of muscles in my legs (or well, at least I should have some seeing how much running I do). I have basically been the same size since I was 14, as I have always worked out and eaten like a horse. (I guess I should think about that eating thing now, however, seeing that my metabolism eventually also will slow down.. *swallowing hard*)

Can't wait for your gym attire post! Will you sneak in your camera and capture some 'golden moments' too?!

Anonymous said...

Yes, BMI isn't very accurate and some say it doesn't work for Asians or needs to be recalibrated for different races.

I'm VERY tempted to take a camera to the gym, but unlike on the streets, I do feel a need to respect privacy. And to be honest, your gym sounds far more interesting. My post would be more about the behaviour of some of them which is pretty entertaining and sometimes irritating. I'll let you know when I post it!