Monday, August 11, 2008

The Games so far

Picture borrowed from the blog 'Chinese Lives':

So the Olympic Games are fully on now, what do you guys think so far? I have to say that I am excited about going to Beijing in 1.5 weeks to watch the very end of the Games, including the men’s basketball final (especially since Kobe Bryant is in town). Seeing I am still in Sweden (it is starting to feel a bit frustrating now, sure I love a holiday but I am ready to go back!) I haven’t watched that much of the competitions (mainly because of the time difference) although I didn’t miss the opening ceremony which I found quite spectacular, although a bit too long. Four hours in front of the TV on a Friday could have been spend doing other things.. oh well. It’s not like the Olympic Summer Games are an every day event. Better enjoy it while it lasts. I’ve heard that there are not that many foreign tourists in Beijing –I wonder if this is true or not? We still haven’t booked any hotel for our 4-day stay, I want to wait as long as possible in order to get a cheap rate. Anyone in Beijing that know what the situation is like?

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Anonymous said...

This may be a question you are getting alot, but what is your feeling on the wrestler who threw down his bronze? It is funny how we assume things about people from certain countries because many people here have said things along the lines of, "and he is Swedish!" in a shocked tone as if Swedes can be nothing but beautiful happy peaceful people.