Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dalian in pictures

Willing finally gave me her Dalian photos on a CD yesterday, so here are some more for u to enjoy. (Ahhh.. just looking at them makes me wanna go back!!)

Victory Square

Our brekkie place at Victory Square

Gold Stone/Pebble Beach (don't ask me why we are hunching our's not like we had problems to fit into this shot...)

Mirror shot

Close up

Bin Hai Lu

Fishing beach

Russian street by day

People's square

Dalian's well preserved tram.

Inside the tram

Willing on the tram

Simple, cheap and good!!


Rambler said...

hat looks amazing. The buildings are much more colorful than here in Xi'an.

Little Tiger said...

Dongbei really is a special place, however I didn't get the chance to go to Dalian unfortunately.
Have you considered a trip to Harbin? Out of all the cities I've visited (around 7) Harbin is my favourite by far. The Snow and Ice festival and the ice sculptures on the streets are out of this world.