Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shopping in Dalian

On request -here are some of the clothes/shoes/accessories that I bought from Dalian.. I also bought some bags and a loooooot of Xmas pressies, but I am too lazy to show everything.

And for all of u rolling your eyes to the sound of 'shopping,' don't worry.. this ain't a 'shop and showcase' blog... so this post is a one off.

Jacket, 240 kuai

Jacket again

Korean t-shirts, 25 kuai/each

My new, fave t-shirt, 25 kuai.

Top, 30 kuai

Cardigan 30 kuai

Oversize shirt

Boots 130 kuai

Ugg boots 100 kuai

Star necklace 10 kuai

My new fave sweater, 40 kuai.


Anonymous said...

jesus christ, that was a lot :)
i notice that it is much cheaper in Dalian than Shanghai!!!
i like your oversize shirt (checked patterns one)

good job

jag tycker att du borde lägga upp lite fler outfits bilder :P

Jonna Wibelius said...

Yeah, quite a bit, but I couldn't stop myself when there was so much nice and cheap stuff... I love all those small Korean shops.

Jag överlåter dock outfit bilderna till dig... du e ju ändå shopgirl!! ;)

Kate said...

well done!

Anonymous said...

jonna: konkurrens är nyttigt :)

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Don't really know how I got here, it's interesting to see a Swedish girl making a life in China as a chinese guy living in Sweden. Anyway, just say hi. Are you in Beijing? or Shanghai?

Jonna Wibelius said...

A.J -I'm actually living in Suzhou, although I still like to say Shanghai (wishful thinking I sps...). I used to live in SH before and miss it like crazy! What u doing in Sweden? Stockholm I assume? Or Lund? (closer to my old hoods...)

Shopgirl -hur kan jag konkurrera med mästaren själv?! ;) Jag shoppar dessutom helt för lite för att ens ha en chans... :) Hade man bott i Dalian däremot.. o la la. Du måste ta dig dit ngn gång. Faaaaab!

Anonymous said...

My wife would be pretty jealous of your recent trip. Not much good fashion out here in Xinjiang.

We have to set aside a special budget for shopping whenever we make any trip to the east side of China where all the better clothes are! Ha!