Friday, March 28, 2008

Taking a dump in public

I sincerely and deeply hope that parents will stop letting their small children urinate/take a dump in public sometime soon. This is something I have no understanding for at all. Big cities like Shanghai and Beijing nowadays have plenty of public toilets that everyone can use so why on earth let your kid poo on the pavement? We don’t even let dogs do that! This is far from the ‘worse’ I’ve seen. Kids peeing in busses, metros or trains are even worse. I’m definitely not blaming the kid but I’m having a hard time understand the mindset of the kid’s parents. Why would you let your child do something like that?

FYI: this kid was out and about with his dad. So no, he wasn’t homeless (from what I could tell) and they were having a good time until he decided he had to go and the dad pointed at the pavement. Delightful.


Anonymous said...

Came across your blog and read all historical entries in one breath. Must say this one is the most interesting. ;-)
I remember when I was a kid living in China. We use to live in Hutong (not the Beijing one, but similar). The only toilet there is the dirtiest you'll EVER see (still have nightmares about it!), so kids (me included) will just take a dump outside the toilet on the dirt. Where as the adults have to do it inside. ;-)
Although I must admit, my story doesn't really compare with yours.

Anyway, thank god I can use a nickname and hopefully no one ever find out who I am! haha

Anonymous said...

holy shit......

Anonymous said...

i make my return to your blog and discover this!

Why, oh why did you leave Perth for that???

Anonymous said...

oh ewwwww....I wish you had posted a warning before I scrolled to this entry.

0carina said...

tsttsstst this is simply unbelievable!
I randomly came accross your blog and am enjoying it a lot! I've had no particular interest in China or whatever related to it, but it is always a pleasure and might become handy to know things; especially culture related things. Thanks for sharing!