Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hi from Dalian

Just a short 'hello' from Dalian, typed from one of the shittiest keyboards I've ever used. Anyways, I'm having a great time over here: it's not too cold, shopping is cheap, it's wonderful to be close to the water (although it is too cold to swim the beaches here are still beautiful), food is insanely cheap and people are so FRIENDLY!!! Like really, wow!!! Everywhere I go someone comes up and wanna talk (not practice their Eng.... they just wanna talk!). I have probably talked more Chi during those 2 days than during the last month in suzhou... lovely!!! Although the local dialect can be a bit 'piratey'.... a lot of 'rrrrrrrr' all the time. But hey, I'll tell u guys more once I'm back in Suzhou. This keyboard is getting on my nerves... Have a great wknd everyone!


Mark's Blog said...

I have not been to Dalian before, but one of my best friend is from Dalian, she is super nice

I have to say I really love Dong Bei Ren, they are straight, honest and sincere.

btw, have you noticed that on average, people in Northeast China is taller and bigger than the rest of the country?

Rambler said...

Mark, I don't know if other people would consider Xi'an "northern China", but the people here are definitely taller than I expected.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jonna,

I would like to go to China next year in september/october. Some friends told me that I shouldnot be in China in the first week of October because everyone in China wil have holiday at that time. Can you give me some advice?
Thank you in advance!

Amy from Amsterdam

Jonna Wibelius said...

Hi Amy,
I think u should listen to what ur friend say, because I agree with them... the first week of October is a crowded and messy week in China as millions of people have a holiday and want to travel. Aim for the second or third week in October if you can, then the weather is gorgeous! September is also OK, but normally it is still quite hot here at that time.. although, that depends where u r going of course. Beijing isn't as humid as Shanghai at that time, for instance. Enjoy your China trip!!! :)