Saturday, November 8, 2008

Off to Hangzhou

I am off to Hangzhou today as I am tomorrow planning to participate in some sort of race... It should have been a half-marathon, but in the last minute I decided to settle for the 'granny's race' (also referred to as a 'mini marathon' -pfffffttt!) of 14km.. I know I know... I'm such a wimp/wuss. But I think sometimes u just have to listen to ur body and not push too hard. And seeing that I've had a bit of a so-so autumn (health wise) I think that it's right now better to take it a little bit easy than to kill myself over a race. There will be plenty of other races for me to run in the future,

Although -who am I kidding?! I almost wanted to pull out of the whole Hangzhou trip when I realised I wasn't fit for fight for a half marathon? I am so annoyed of the fact that I am only going to run 14 km. Oh well. It could have been worse I guess. I could have had a cold and not been able to run at all.

Redeem-myself-races are already being planned. I am thinking Xiamen in March (right? -and then I am going to get myself a bloody good finishing time! I want to beat my 1:50 record) and then something else...(I won't be able to do the Shanghai Marathon at the end of this month since we have very important visitors for that wknd only, and my suggestion of Sunday fun 'we all get up at 7am -I go and run the race and u all come and cheer for me!' was voted down). Any additional race suggestions are welcome.

OK, enough arguing with myself over this race thing. Since we are leaving today already (and guess who woke up at 5am, all perky and ready for a trip... the bus leaves at 10, however, but I am always like this when I am supposed to travel somewhere...) there will be a whole day for us to explore Hangzhou city, which I am expecting to be quite nice. Camera will be brought, so expect plenty of photos when I get back on Sunday night. I might be one of the few people who have been living in the Shanghai/Suzhou area for 2+ years and still haven't been to Hangzhou. Shame on me.

Biggest two wishes for tomorrow: no rain and no side stitch. Please!!!

See you guys on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

There is the macau marathon on the 7 december and hongkong 8 february...

Mark said...

Actually, they moved the Xiamen marathon up to January last year. It'll be on January 3rd next year.

You can redeem yourself even sooner then you planned.
Good luck with your run - since it's a short one you should push yourself for a quicker pace....

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your race, but I guess you would feel better if you actually did the 21k and finished. :)

Xiamen Marathon got a great atmosphere, though the race itself is not a good organised race. But if you do participate then remeber to start with the full marathon runners, otherwise you will be stuck behind a lot of slow people doing the 42k as everyone starts at the same time.

The far best race I have ever joined in China is Lidingoeloppet China in Changchun in June. The scenery is fantastic, the course hard and a lot of great volunteers and spectators. I was running the whole race with a smile on my face.

Kate said...

Hey Jonna,
totally unrelated, sorry, but - have u heard anything from news or anywhere about the protests in taiwan last week? a friend of mine is writing her thesis on taiwan and i hadn't heard anything but i also don't really follow the chinese news media or talk to mountains of chinese people so im trying to ask anyone i can think of who might know?
or any other readers who see this comment?

Anonymous said...

Dont be too hard on yourself Jonna. I'm damn impressed with all the races you run!

Have a good one,