Saturday, December 20, 2008


So what have I been up to for the last 8 years... well, a little bit of this and that I suppose. Some things more useful than others...

We had a class reunion last night and I saw friends I haven't seen since we threw our high school graduation hats in the air back in 2001... I was expecting to hear tales of world travels, volunteer working and giving birth to babies, so I was a bit surprised when I realised that I the night's main attraction. Everybody wanted to hear about China and I was actually surprised how little people knew.... Funny to realize that China is still this far-away, exotic place to most people over here. (Someone even asked if I go to the beach often?! Hahaha... 'Isn't Shanghai a coastal city?' Ehhhh....) Also funny to hear what people think u have been doing over there (u know how the talk goes.... somebody hears you are in China from someone else and since nobody really knows what u r doing, a lot of things are sort of... 'made up') These were some of the more different questions I was asked throughout the night:

-Jonna! I heard that u have been travelling through Asia for the last 10 years!! (dude, we graduated in 2001?! Where did the last 10 years come from?! Although I like the Asia part! :)) 

-Jonna, is it true that u have lived in Russia for some time?!
-No. But I've lived in Finland for one year. 
-Wow. So it is true! 
-Finland! Not Russia?! 
-What's the difference. 
-Hm... good point. 

-Jonna, is it true that u can speak Chinese fluently? My dad's company is doing business in China and they are looking for a translator. Interested?
-Ehum. I wouldn't really call myself fluent... 

Geez. Where do people get everything from? Anyways, it's so much fun to see people u haven't seen for ages and hear what everybody are up to nowadays. Seems that most people have stayed in Sweden although some have studied abroad. The next date for a reunion has already been set: Next December in my flat in China. As it turned out, everybody are really keen to visit. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that must have been such an odd experience. However, all this time in China must at least have taught you how to weather being the center of attention!