Sunday, December 28, 2008

So long, comfort food

From Monday Dec 29 onwards I will stop neglecting my duties and go back to being an active blogger again. It has just been a bit mad during those last few days... too many people to see, clothes (on sale -and what a sale then?! wow!) to buy, chocolate boxes to empty, meals to eat, glasses of wines to drink... well, I am sure you all get it. Also, for the last week or so I haven't really thought that much about China (I've simply been too busy enjoying myself) so I haven't really had that much to share with you. It's been a short, but intensive ten day stay in Sweden and although it has been totally amazing/lovely/great to be able to go into a shop and find hundreds of shoes in my size (like, seriously?! It's outstanding!) or to reminisce with old friends while having too many glasses of wine, I am (like always) ready to return to China! I have a lot of Chinese chapters to study (brining my books to Sweden didn't really work this time either... I should have listened to what everyone told me and left them in China) as my exams are coming up in the beginning of January, and then there's the CNY approaching, and seeing how much chocolate I have been eating lately I probably should do some serious work outs once I am back too.... So yeah, it is going to be nice to get back to my every-day China life. Also, once I am back I am going to do some serious photographing, since 'more photos' was one of the most popular requests when I asked what you all wanted to see in this blog in 2009.  

See you Monday!  Now I am going to stuff myself for the last time (this year) with Swedish comfort food.  

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