Sunday, December 21, 2008

SHE in China in 2009 -how would u like it?

This blog is approaching its 1 year-birthday... crazy huh!? I cannot believe I have already blogged for one year. At the same time, nowadays I don't understand why I didn't start blogging earlier. It's kind of fun to share my experiences, and on top of that I loooooove writing, every day at any time. And at most of the time I feel that I have something to say. Blogging is like made for me!? 

Obviously I tend to hit dry spells, like every other blogger. And, all posts that I write are obviously not high quality posts. (or, as some reader put it in an email: 'some of your posts are quite trivial..' Cheers dude) But, it's hard to always be 'spot on' or write about a topic that a lot of people find interesting. 

Anyways, since I am planning to continue to blog, I was hoping that all of you, that are readers of this blog, would be kind enough to tell me what u like/dislike to read about. In that way, I can get an idea of what I can do more of, and what I might want to tone down on... (not saying that it will happen for sure, I tend to write about whatever I like to write about... but still). 

So, feel free to share... what do u like to read about? Seen, heard, experienced, studying Chinese, training/running, travelling, love/dating culture, personal stuff, not personal stuff.... anything else?! (Also, is there something that u don't like?) 

One thing I probably won't write about, is news related topics. There are already thousands of blogs doing that out there. So plenty to choose from already. 

Anyhoo, have your say, your wish, a rant, or whatever, and let me know what u would like to read about in 2009! (if u don't want to leave a comment u can email me.. there's an email link at my profile page) 


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your approaching anniversary!

I don't really have any suggestions for you. For one thing, I haven't been reading your blog all that long, so I don't feel qualified to advice or request. For another thing, your style is so INCREDIBLY different from mine, and what you focus on in your blog is so different from what I do in mine, that I feel like any suggestions I might make would be beside the point.

I think one reason you have a significant number of loyal readers is that you post every day. If what happens to be on your mind is trivial some of the time, so what? Another reason your readers keep coming back is that the personality that comes through your is extremely appealing. Not just, "Gee, Jonna seems like a fun person," but also, "Gee, Jonna is a a fun writer, a fun person to know in print." That's something to be proud of, especially when you consider that English is not your native language. Who knows, maybe by this time next year you'll be blogging in Chinese! :)

Jon said...

i think we'll keeping our eyes on SHE! keep it cool,Jonna!

Vampire Rabbit said...

your blog and think it is one of the best in the China Blogosphere. But there is one thing that I do not like about your blog, which I kept my mouth shut about, until now, only because you asked. You are obviously a competent writer, and you write well, in full sentences, but your using of "u" for "you", and other "chatspeak" in your entries is very annoying. In IMs or text messages, it would not be, but in articles I find it is nerve-grating.

Anonymous said...

Would like to hear more about your thoughts on your future career planning, so that we all can share and hopefully offering advises.

Anonymous said...

You can also start writing small paragraphs in Chinese. It's a good way to practice Chinese, and Chinese viewers can help you improve your writings.

Plumflower said...

Fortsätt i samma stil, och gärna om kinesiska språket (som jag själv studerar på egen hand). Definitivt det svåraste jag någonsin har gett mig in på, alla kategorier.! :D

Little Tiger said...

I don't really have any criticism as such, because if I had a blog it would pale in comparison to yours!
I really enjoy reading/would like to read more of the following:
-Learning chinese, HSK related topics
-Doing business in China
-Work: Job hunting or jobs your friends have and how they found them.
-Photos!: It would be super if you had more photos. Just of everyday things really, street scenes, your uni, restaurants, FOOD ^_^
-I love reading about Scandinavians, to say that I would like to visit is an understatement!
I also think your use of 'u' etc suits your writing style though.
Have you ever thought of video blogging perhaps?
Wishing you a merry Xmas! :)

Anonymous said...

Jonna - Just my own experience as we're in the same boat:

1. Post regularly (you do this already, far better than myself)

2. I personally feel people's attention span is very short these days so keep posts within a reasonable length, not too long. Some people will just give up after a few lines.

3. Posts that people can relate to and add their own experiences work well and generate loads of comments.

4. It's sometimes not possible to predict what will work well. I've had what I thought were so so posts generate so many responses and some I thought great stories and almost no comments.

I know what you mean about dry spells though. Sometimes I have SO much to say and other times I can't think of a single thing.

The important thing is : KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, be honest (which you are).

Mark's Blog said...

Happy birthday to your blog!!

I found every articles you wrote to be interesting and insightful!

As for suggestions, actually I do not have any, but I believe you can always come up with the best as before!


Anonymous said...

I agree with 尼克 on the chatspeak issue. I hadn't been going to mention it, because I figured that since you post every day you are probably trying to write at top speed. The desire to take shortcuts is understandable. However, I do think you should consider 尼克's suggestion, and should also consider briefly proof-reading and editing each post. Your thoughts and observations deserve the best treatment! But if you think that kind of fine-tuning is not what blogs are for (and I know lots of people think that), well, I'm certain to keep reading, no matter what you decide to do! :)

Anonymous said...

Jonna, I agree with 尼克.

Some of your abbreviations are actually very insulting. You have used words like Chi, Jap frequently. They are derogatory words. I am pretty sure you didn't mean it. Also, in my opinion, IM shorthands make you look immature in written English.

Will you ever use the word nigger to refer to black folks? I doubt you would. Then don't use Chi and Jap to refer to Chinese and Japanese. I seriously doubt you understand how Chinese Americans or Chinese anywhere would feel when they are called Chicom or Chi. The same goes for Japanese Americans when they are called Japs (that was what they were called during the concentration camp era in the U.S. during WWII).

Jonna Wibelius said...

OK I hear you folks!! I won't use 'u' for 'you' etc... Geez, I didn't realise some people felt so angry about it. You should have raised your voice earlier. After all, I have people emailing me my spelling mistakes, so I can take criticism related to my English.

Obviously my posts are far from perfect. They are blog posts, not newspaper articles. I like to write every day but I don't always have time to proofread and edit my texts. But now I realise that I should take that time, as those are the most common complaints. I am glad that you guys told me.

As for the last comment, I didn't realise that writing 'Chi' for Chinese was so insulting? You know, I often refer to Swedes as 'Swe' and that is not insulting. I didn't realise that it was as bad as calling a black person the N word, something that I would never, ever do. So my apologizes for that! As for Japanese and Jap, I think I have written 'Japs' once and then I immediately changed it when someone commented on it. Since that time, I cannot remember having written 'Jap', but maybe I have so I’m sorry for that too. I seriously don't mean to offend anyone; I hope that that comes through in my writing, that I am not that kind of person (at ALL!)

Thanks for all the other suggestions too! I was hoping to get some more suggestions in terms of blog topics rather than language when I wrote this post. For example, I don't know if you all think it is dead boring to read about my far-fetched marathon dream/my training? Then again, it is a big part of my life and I like it... So I was more hoping to hear your opinions about the topics I write about. But but.

Thanks anyways to all of you who made comments/suggestions/sent me emails... I really appreciate that you took the time to let me know your likes/dislikes about this blog! I can only try to make it better.

Little tiger -I will try to take and upload more photos. I agree with you that loads of photos make a blog better.

Some of you wanted me to write in Chinese... gosh, I don't know if I dare to, seeing that I would make so many mistakes? (and just the mistakes I sometimes makes in English seem to upset some people, judging from some of the emails I get) So let's see about that one. I am also scared I might bore readers who don't understand 'hanzi'. Maybe when I feel confident enough to write in Chinese I will start a separate blog for that. (Although that ain't going to happen sometime soon....! :) My Chinese isn't really there... to put it mildly!)

Little tiger (again) -video blogging?! Haha! I am too camera shy. Also, just thinking about all the comments I would get simply because of my accent makes me not want to do it. Maybe if I was a native English speaker. By the way, you should pay Scandinavia a visit if you are interested! Sweden is quite beautiful I must say.

Woai -I will try not to write essay/short story posts... it's a weakness of mine, though... so I cannot promise anything!

Again, thanks for all of your comments! And please, let me know if there is something else that has made you happy/angry that I am clueless about!

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I disagree with WoAi about the post length. I think he's certainly on target when he says many people have very short attention spans, but I don't think that this means you should shorten your posts. I think you should write at whatever length you like. I prefer your longer posts, actually. ('Course, most of my posts are practically Russian novels, so perhaps I'm biased.) Anyway, good luck balancing all the suggestions of your many fans with your own insticts and desires!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say this is my favorite blog. Good job.

Anonymous said...

i like your blog the way it is, keep up the good work!
i don't get annoyed when u shorten some words ;)

Little Tiger said...

Admittedly I was chancing my arm with the video blog suggestion! I do think the Swedish accent is very 'hao ting' though.
A few friends and I are planning a trip in the new year and after reading your recent post, Sweden sounds more appealing! I'll see if I can twist their arms....
Merry Xmas to all the Wibelius family! *double checks spelling*

Anonymous said...

I would like more posts, longer posts, and more pictures!!

Geoff said...

Hello Jonna,

I enjoy the "regular" posts, thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts from China and other locations. I read your blog nearly every day.

I am impressed to see that you are seeking out your readers' opinion of your blog. Well done on looking for constructive feedback.

What else would I like to read about??? If you have friends from other countries in China, perhaps they could contribute their thoughts with regard to Chinese life. (in the absence of their own blog that is)

In my opinion, for me, some days your blogs are a "little" long and I find I only skim read them owing to having to do other things while online and beiong pressed for time.

Have a Merry Christmas with your family!


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog when looking for blogs of independent shoe designers, so I stumbled in here by accident. I stayed because we are hoping that a temporary move to Bejing might materialize in a year or so.

The first post that I read was the one on getting a new password for internet banking. And buying mascara. HYSTERICAL!! What a brilliant piece of writing! And that, for me, is what brings me back to your blog...the insight you give in to the mundane daily interactions that you have with the Chinese people, and what daily life is really like. I would like to hear more about that if that's what you would like to talk about.

Just remember, there are a million people blogging on the internet, but there is only one you, and what you bring to it is your own unique interpretation of life through your perspective. Just go with that and know that it is enough.