Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bye bye, beach life

So long, beautiful

Coming back to Suzhou today, yey! Missed me? Well I sure have missed blogging! See you later this afternoon!

Hello, Suzhou


胡崧 said...

It is my dream to own one of those traditional Chinese gardens in Suzhou. That would be lovely!

Not a big fan of the summer over there though.

NavlGazr said...


What is the climate like in Suzhou? We are moving from Hong Kong to Nanjing, and I am curious about things like humidity and rainfall.

Jonna Wibelius said...

胡崧 -me neither! Love the gardens of Suzhou but unfortunately the water in every little lake/river over here is badly polluted, not making the gardens as beautiful as I believe they once were.

As for the summer -I'm not a fan either. Always escape to Scandinavia during July/August.

NavlGazr -summer here is hot, hot, HOT. And humid. Although Hong Kong is pretty humid too, if I don't remember things wrongly, so I bet you are used to it.

Rainfall... hm.. well there's the plum rain every year in June, except for that I wouldn't say that summer is very rainy over here. But humid and hot? Oh yes. Lasts until October. I am personally not a fan.

Blank-Socrate said...

Yes I Missed u,
welcome back :)

mantse said...

i have never been in Suzhou before but as my experience in Shanghai and Nanjing... i can imagine how the weather there.....

i love those Garden..

Brad Farless said...

Welcome back Jonna!

It feels like summer all year round to me in Singapore. I want to escape to a cooler climate for a while. ^_^

scribbling sassy said...

'glad you enjoyed your break and 'glad you're back! welcome!!!