Friday, June 12, 2009

The umbrella people

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s good that people over here are keen when it comes to protecting themselves from the dangerous sun. However, there’s a time and a place for everything, right, and when people start brining umbrellas to the beach and walk around with it while wearing their bathers (when the weather is cloudy) I feel that they might be contradicting themselves?  

Also, while we are on this subject. It’s fine that people walk around with these things in the city, although I wouldn’t mind if umbrella carriers paid a little bit more attention to how they carried their protective shield, or, to whom they pointed it at? I don’t know how many times I’ve been hit in the head by stranger’s umbrellas when crossing the street. And do people apologize for the fact that they almost umbrella-poked you in the eye? Never.


bARE-eYED sUN said...

well, it IS a relief to know that umbrella-eye-poking is an international occurrence.

umbrella-cloud-protection is something else altogether. never heard of that one.

every day a new experience, eh?

thank you for today's post


park it said...

you did not mention that the dude in the pic - has a frilly lace umbrella - he is sooo cool!
Carol in FL

Little Tiger said...

An umbrella at the beach....that's a new one!! Kind of defeats the purpose.
I hadn't seen umbrellas being used to protect against the sun before I came to China. I found that guys with an umbrella in Europe was not that 'hot' but in China I brought an umbrella with me everywhere, rain or shine.
Back in Europe, I still do the same. I'll never get back all those years I got soaked by the rain just because it wasn't macho to use an umbrella!!

胡崧 said...

I can see why a girl would bring an umbrella with her when the sun is high up in the sky, but a guy with umbrella? Really? One thing that I never understand about my own people is this metrosexual trend. I just dont understand why chicks dig it. I mean do you REALLY want to bring home a skinny, tight pants wearing dude with bizarre fashion taste? What happened to the good old day when men could just be...manly?

scribbling sassy said...

not just in China but in other Asian countries as well (I think)that men, women, kids, grannies, everyone uses umbrella even in the sun ... even on theme parks that we did go to, that some had to leave their umbrellas to the ground while on board the rollercoaster and once off, they pick the umbrella, open it and walk on to another much like the guy and the umbrella on the beach. hehe ^-^

NavlGazr said...

Hey if it rains, it's smart to have an umbrella. I am like Little Tiger, 30+ years in a rainier part of Canada with no Umbrella. Umbrellas were for wimps and elderly ladies! I use one in Hong Kong, because tropical rain is a tad different and I am a tad smarter. Sun Protection is also a good thing. However, to my chinese sisters that believe that whiter skin is more beautiful, beauty has nothing to do with your skin tone. I have seen many beautiful women with jet black skin and pale white skin. Whitening creams etc are just subscribing to someone else's requirements. Similar reasons why some African women stretch their necks out beyond what is healthy and why chinese women bound their feet for centuries. Don't believe in the whims of fashion and what society deems to be beautiful - you are all beautiful! (oh no I've ranted again!)

Pete In Syracuse said...

An umbrella on a cloudy beach, thats funny, but not so funny getting one in the eye!

The guy on the beach is maybe afraid if it rains he'll get wet....ha aha!

Anonymous said...

"However, to my chinese sisters that believe that whiter skin is more beautiful, beauty has nothing to do with your skin tone. "

Jonna and all other laowais, NavlGazr has revealed why Chinese and other Asians use umbrella as sun shield. It's all about protecting their skin color. Asians have a skin tone in between white and black. They don't want to appear "black". I get so many comments from usually elderly Chinese folks that how bad it is for me to get so sun-tanned. I am Chinese and they assume darker skin makes me look inferior. I don't do suntan on purpose but I do work out in the sun. It's also a heatedly discussed topic between my wife and I. Social prejudice dies hard in Asia.

kasey said...

I've read that the clouds don't protect you from harmful rays. In some cases they may magnify it. Maybe this gentleman read the same article.

Anonymous said...

You can get sun burn in cloudy day. Cloud is not sun-block.

Superiority based on ignorance is common phenomena.

Anonymous said...

Ever wondered why most asian women look younger than their actual age?

While it might be true that skin colour used to be associated wtih social status, nowadays most asian women stay away from the sun because they know its harmful to the skin and makes the skin ages prematurelly.

Anonymous said...

That's a really fun picture with the umbrella people ON THE BEACH!!!

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