Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sleep deprived and HSK

Last night around 11 pm I remembered about the HSK exam this morning. Whoops! I’ve had too much on my mind lately and completely forgot about this exam. Haven’t prepared at all –baaaad me! Just turned on the radio to get used to listening as I assume the HSK exam will kick off with the listening test.

Unfortunately, since I remembered the exam a bit ‘in the last minute’ this made me kind of nervous (don’t ask why? It’s just a test… but still) and as a result I couldn’t fall asleep last night. And not as in it just took a bit longer to drift of to la la land.. oh no. We are talking being awake until the sun came up. Ahhhhh! So frustrating, especially when you are tired but still can’t fall asleep?

Not being able to fall asleep used to be something I only dealt with once or twice a year, but during the last year I’ve experiences quite a few periods of sleeping badly. I hate it –because not having slept well really slows you down the next day. It also effects things like eating and exercising –I lose a bit of my appetite when I am tired (very unusual for me.. I’m that kind of person who always can eat: regardless if I am heartbroken/ sick/ on an airplane…) and a lot of my training motivation. This last “not being able to sleep” period has been going on since before I went to Hainan.

I was suspecting it was the air con that kept me up so last night we tried turning it off.. But that didn’t help. I guess I have to try some more traditional methods.. what is it now that you’re supposed to eat/drink to sleep well? Warm milk? (I hate milk!) or ginseng? Or maybe a evening walk before going to bed? Yeah something like that.

ps. the photo I am trying to upload refuses to be uploaded. Sorry, no time to wait or I'll be late for the exam.


flyingfish said...

Good luck, girl! You go kick some serious HSK ass!

Unknown said...

with all that you've got going on it might just be your mind is having trouble letting go of the thoughts and allow you to sleep. I envision a room painted entirely in black. It helps me clear my mind of thoughts I shouldn't be continuing to dwell on until tomorrow. Just a thought...

Incognito said...

Well, most of medical students experience the same thing that you have, having the "not-be-able-to-sleep" stress. >.<

What we are doing to circumvent this problem is to read fictional novels on bed before sleep, and it works!

try it


The Casual Observer said...

When I have had this problem in the past, I've gotten out of bed and read a book until I get drowsy.

These days, my lack of sleep is usually due to being up all night with my daughter (not quite two years old) :(