Wednesday, October 1, 2008

National Day = firework frenzy

Oh, I forgot to mention... there's a minor war going on outside our windows. Fire-work-war that is. It's China's national day today and in firework-loving-Suzhou they are not holding back on the celebrations. It started already last week and I am expecting it to go on for some days after today... I'll be heading down to JinJi Hu tonight and I am expecting to be crammed with thousands of Chinese that have come to watch the sky light up. No national day without all of this. It's almost becoming as important as eating dumplings around midnight during the CNY.


Mark's Blog said...

Is this a new way of celebrating National Day?

I did not remember any firework when I was in China three years ago, although the Christmas was celebrated that way.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Mark -since I move to China in 2006 there's been fireworks during every national day... so yes, I definitely think this is the (new?) standard. Fireworks during Xmas I have never experienced however.

Mark's Blog said...


I guess this is the new way.

In my hometown Xi'an, Xmas has always been, well, crazy--everyone takes to the streets, like a riots; but national day is just boring, everyone travels outside the town, or stay at home.

I have experenced New Year's day in Shanghai this year, it's kinda like Xmas, but not as fierce as Xi'an

Vampire Rabbit said...

One thing that is very obvious in China is that local customs may vary from province to province and often from city to city too!