Friday, October 24, 2008

汪汪 -wang wang (Warning: usless information)

I love when our chapters include 65 new words and 20 of them are names of dishes! because Chinese dishes we are actually excused from learning.
What we do need to learn, however, are characters for 'sounds'... such as... 'what does the dog say'. Do you know, that in China, a dog says: 汪汪 'wang wang'

(Interesting. In Sweden, our dogs says 'vov, vov' or 'voff''. How does it sound where you are from?)

As for more, completely useless characters, that I now know, and figured I should share with you (I mean, it is, after all, FRIDAY!!), here you go:

喵喵 miao miao (cat)

咴咴 hui hui (horse)

哞哞 mou mou (cow)

I think this qualifies as one of the less important Chinese lessons of my life. On the contrary, however, we got to listen to our teacher (who is around 35 and the serious kind) doing animal noises. Quite entertaining. Especially when a girl asked him what the frogs in China says....

Anyways, I hope these 'animal sounds' aren't part of our upcoming exams....


Sarah Grace said...

In America they can say Arf Arf, Woof Woof, Bark Bark, Bow-wow, Ruff Ruff. Some have a lot to say.

Vampire Rabbit said...

In America, a dog says Woof or Bow-Wow. A cat says Meow, a cow says Moo, and a horse goes Neigh.

Becky said...

Now I am sitting here barking like a dog and trying to hear how it could possibly sound like 'wang wang'...

Anonymous said...

In spoken Chinese the sound of a cow 哞哞 is actually pronounced in 儿化音 and sounds like "merr~~merr~~"

Jonna Wibelius said...

hehe.. I am glad I inspired you to bark Becky. Keep going! ;)

Sarah -arf arf?! Haha.. that sounds like an old dog!!!

Wolf said...

I also live in America, South America, Argentina, please be more specific guys you dont own the whole continent ;)

Here in Argentina (and most Spanish speaking countries)

dogs say guau
cats miau
cows moo
we dont have a sound for horses, we just call the sound with a specific term.