Monday, October 27, 2008

Spending thoughts

3 dishes at my fave Sichuan resto = 60 kuai (and enough for 2 people).

One tub of ice cream = 55 kuai (and barely enough for one person!)

This has not been the most exciting wknd I have spent over here... early mornings + work + early nights. I think the two highlights of the wknd must have been my work outs (who still don't feel 100%... I ran for 40 min yesterday -after 30 min of cross trainer- and my legs and head felt heavy. Not good) as well as my Sat night splurge on a tub of ice cream. I call it a splurge because bloody hell, they sure know how to charge for western ice cream over here! Actually, when I sat in front of the TV and stuffing myself a bit later I came to think of how you can really blow your money in Shanghai/Suzhou when you shop for the 'wrong things'. After thinking about this for a while I made a promise to myself never to buy expensive ice-cream again. It just doesn't feel worth it when u think of what u can get for 60 kuai in Shangahi/Suzhou....

Oh, and since we are doing this, here's another thought:

Tights from H&M = 69 kuai.

Cute summer dress = 60 kuai.

No more H&M for me while living in China!!!


Becky said...

I like the dress.. where do you shop? Any recommendations for living on a budget in Shanghai would be great...

Jonna Wibelius said...

Thank's becky! :)
I mainly shop in the French concession. Changle Lu, Xinle Lu, Maoming, Shanxi Nan Lu.... Fuxing Lu. Small shops is the trick. There's also a quite good market at the Jing'an temple.. I think it's called something cheesy, like 'email plaza' but I've bought many cute/cheap dresses from there. People's square (metro) also has a fairly good underground market... a friend of mine told me that there's also a lot of good shops around Zhongshan park, which is still to be explored... :)

Anonymous said...

A chinese newspaper "Elite Reference" 《青年参考》 just translated one of your posts, "chinse men+western girl".
Here is the link:

it's not the original link of "Elite Reference", i cant find it.

Anonymous said...

I found your article from, it was translated into Chinese:











  不知我的上述观点,中国男孩会认同吗?(作者:[瑞典] Jonna Wibelius) 

Unknown said...

Yes, I think you're right, things are getting more exciting in China, but cost more when you pay the bill...I can tell the difference from my trips to China during the past few years...and surely Shanghai is an expensive city! Anyway, the point is always to enjoy yourself and have fun!

Tsienni said...

Am I the only one who is left clueless after reading the title... but "spending thoughts" ? Ugh, good luck with your Chinese, though.

Anonymous said...

No more H&M?? Are you sure you've thought this through Jonna....