Monday, October 13, 2008


Last week I met my friend Zhang from Taiwan for some language exchange. He told me the latest goss on his dating success (not so successful) and stated, with a sigh, that he now wanted to give up on 'gold diggers from the mainland and date a western girl.'

As he has no previous experience from dating western girls he wanted to ask me (being a western girl, obviously) some questions first:

-OK, so first of all Jonna.. do you think I am fat?
-Eh? No!
(he's TINY! If he is 'fat' then I am obese! Christ!)
-Why do you even ask that?
-Well two of my friends have made remarks about it lately, so I want your honest opinion.

(Quite strange to have that conversation with a guy actually....I thought that topic belonged to teenage girls' circles?)

We sat quiet for a while. Then I asked:

-So, if you thought I put on weight.. would u then tell me?
-Of course.
-Do you think I would have been happy to hear it from you?
-Maybe not very happy... but grateful that I told you.
-so... if I put on weight.. don't u think I would have noticed it myself then? All my clothes would have been tighter!
-Oh... well, yeah, that is true.
-Zhang, do NOT tell me if I put on weight, ok?!
-And do never tell a western girl that either. Not if you are planning on dating her for a while at least....
-hm.... okay...

Since we were being so honest and straight, Zhang went on by asking:

-So, do you think I have a chance with a western girl?
-Eh... Sure?! Well, it depends on the girl of course!
-Yeah, but I mean, do you think western girls will find me attractive?
-Eh... like I said, it depends on the girl.
-Do you think I look good?
-Eh... sure?!

Gosh! I am not used to this!!! Straight on questions: 'do you think I am fat/ do you think I look good'?! Those are the 2 questions u never ask and therefore never have to answer.

Finally, Zhang wanted to know:

-So do you have any western girlfriends that you can introduce me to?
-Hm.. I am afraid that they are all bigger than you
(like really, he's tiny), but I'll keep my eyes open and if I bump into a smaller girl, I'll let u know.

Oh dear.


Mark's Blog said...

this is interesting!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did you realize that Zhang just gave you a great business idea? Start your own match making business in Shanghai. You are an international brand and can attract lots of singles from all over the world. Let me know if you need an investor.

Anonymous said...

How tall is this guy? Surely there are short western girls, but probably harder to find in China though. No offense I think your friend is shallow.

Jonna Wibelius said...

anonymous 1: Hm... i don't know if I believe in the whole match-making thing.. I know there is a HUGE business for it in China, and trust me, there are already quite a few companies doing it, so I think it would be quite tough to get in there... I have some other business ideas, however, if you know investors?! ;)

Anonymous 2: He's 175... Shallow? Hm.. I don't know if that is the right word for him. Maybe he's just not sure what he wants?

Anonymous said...

I don't think 1.75(meters) is short for an Asian. It's quite tall for an Asian. I understand northern Chinese are taller than southern Chinese. My understanding is that even 1.75 is considered above average for northern Chinese. Many southern Chinese I know are shorter than 1.7.