Friday, October 31, 2008

Pep talk

Interesting conversation with my bf last night:

I: so I was given permission to run the 3000m race tomorrow?
He: What race?
I: (sigh). You know, the race I've been talking about for the last two weeks?
He: Oh, I don't remember you talking about a race?

(hm... why does this sounds so familiar....)

I: Anyways, I am going to run 3000m tomorrow.
He: Cool! Good luck!
I: Thanks! I am aiming for finishing around 15 min.
He: What? 15 min?! 3000m?! That's way too slow?!!!
I: Well I am not a fast runner.
He: But you can run for 2 hours straight?
I: That's not the same as running 3km in a fast pace?!!! Distance and speed are 2 completely different things! I'm good at distance but I suck at speed!
He: Sure, but 15 min is really slow. You should aim for something like 12 min.
I: Are you crazy? Since when did I become super woman?
He: It's not that hard you know... when I did my military service I ran 2,800 m in boots within 12 minutes!
I: Well I am not in the military.
He: No, but you should really run a bit faster than 15 min.
I: Well, I am aiming for 15 min, anything under that will be a bonus.
He: That's a bad strategy, you should do like this....

(Gets out of bed and starts calculating what lap time I need to do in order to hit 12 min. Writes everything down on a piece of paper and even adds little comments next to the different lap times, like: 1:30/lap = 3,200 m within 12 min = very hard but very good. 1:40/Lap = 2,900m within 12 min = Hard/medium hard and quite good,, etc etc etc)

He: You should be able to do it within 13 min.
I: I don't think so but...
He: Come on, it's really not that hard.
I: well... I'll do my best and we will see....
He: go for 12 min!
I: Never.

Holy crap. Pressure from my own allied?! This is going to be a mess. All fingers crossed for me today at 3pm when I take on a distance at a race I have never done before.

Oh, and FYI: it's about 15 degrees and pouring down outside my window and the streets looks like pools of water.... But it looks like there is no wind. Always something!


Anonymous said...

Personal goals are supposed to be made by you and not anyone else, not even a loving boyfriend. I think the fact he didn't even realize you were running a race means he isn't allowed to comment!

Good luck! Can't wait to hear about it when it is all over.

Mark's Blog said...

Good Luck

Pontus Erikers said...

By now you should have finished the race and I hope it went well. As you probably know there is a Hash going on Sunday, if you are in the mood for some more running. And beer off course.

Anonymous said...

Aiai, so it is at Suda?

Maybe I will be there to watch then!

Haha, good luck with your race. There is always someone worse than you, and remeber to take it a little bit slow in the start

Anonymous said...

I am not thinking he/she is a BFF if he/she didn't even remember...Shit (am I aloud to say that:-) ) I remembered and I only read your blog. Well, F-him! Do the best you can from a fellow runner! I am glad you got the ok to run! As long as you accomplish you own goals, that is all that matters! Good Luck!. blogs about Halloween. Yes, I know you are not American, but a great holiday that you should participate in atleast once in your life. It is a GREAT time!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your BF just want you show the best. I don't think there's anything wrong about that.

Anonymous said...

just say... good luck !!!

Jonna Wibelius said...

hey cheers everyone for the kind greetings!!! I have finally now blogged about the race but for those of you who can't be bothered to read that mega long post (my weakness, I know...) I can tell u that it went OK and that I finished on 14 min!

Today I came down with a fever and a soar stomach, however, so I am not really up for a HHH run tomo.. but thanks for the invite, Pontus! :)

Anonymous said...

Not only did your boyfriend not listen to you talk about the race, evidently he isn't even reading your blog! :P