Monday, June 1, 2009

TV time (with a flu...)

The day could have started better.

Today’s the day of my big TV performance.

And I have caught the flu. Resulting in me looking everything but TV-ready: Red, puffy eyes. Deep, blue circles under my eyes. A cough. And a not-so-cute, fluish, Donald-Duck-voice. Splendid. Just great.

The sore throat/runny nose started on Saturday morning, and instead of getting better it has gone worse and worse, and today I believe I have reached the flu-peak. Excellent. Just what I wanted. And needed. Not.

As a result of feeling like s*** I slept badly last night. Woke up 5 times.

Once because I needed to pee.
Then again because I couldn’t breathe (clogged nose).
Then again because I was feeling hot.
Again because I was feeling cold.
And again because of an itching mosquito bite.

Also, since I spent yesterday curled up in front of the TV, stuffing myself with all kind of comfort food (read: cookies), my stomach has today taken the shape of a swollen, bloated, balloon. My own fault. I’m not that great at handling large amounts of wheat. So I knew this one was coming. But it wasn’t enough to stop me still.

A high waist skirt will have to solve that one.

As for the flu…. I have already stuffed myself with flu remedies, but the runny nose?! Not quite sure how I am supposed to work out that one. Is it considered rude to blow your nose on a TV set? I desperately hope that we are not shooting this live!

A loooooot of make up (and I hate make up! Oh well…) will have to erase those tired eyes. Gosh, I better get started actually. I’m supposed to get into a taxi in less than an hour and I haven’t even showered yet. I thought I’d leave it until the last minute seeing that I am just sitting here in front of the computer, and still produce large amounts of sweat. Ahhhh, isn’t that fresh!?

Although I initially had ambitious plans for today (after the TV show I was gonna go and pick up my dresses from the wedding street, meet a friend for lunch etc, and then finish the day with a run at the gym) I have now scraped all of those and will head straight home after my Donald Duck moment. I just hope that my brain will be a little bit more alert in one hour compared to what it is now.

To be continued…


Brad Farless said...

Damn Jonna. Hope you feel better, and hope it's not the swine flu. I had a bad night sleeping last night too, due to excitement over a trip today and my cats deciding to wake me up every 45 minutes.

Good luck with your performance.

Anonymous said...

good luck Jonna! Hope you pull through this ok.

Little Tiger said...

Go on Jonna, you've got all 913 blog followers behind you!
Show the great Chinese public that Laowai are human too and sometimes get ganmaos as well!!

(ROFL at the Donald duck description by the way :)

The Casual Observer said...

Bummer. Hope you feel better.

We were at friends this weekend and our 21 month old daughter woke up at 1 AM and didn't get back to sleep until 5:30. After a couple of failed attempts to move her (waking her up in the process) she eventually fell sleep on the floor next to her daddy - and that's where we stayed until morning :)

The drive home (180 miles / 300 KM) as not much fun, though :) Sleep deprivation = bad.

Naresh said...

hope you feel better and did not do nose job on tv :),so how did it go?

Carl said...

Jonna, just try to survive long enough to do the TV interview... then go back home and rest! I hope you feel better soon!!! Best wishes!

Jonna Wibelius said...

Thanks guys... well a full update will be online tomo. I came home from the interview, still 'high' on my painkillers and all the make-up and went to study at a cafe... after about 30 min the effect had worn off and I started feeling sweaty, uncomfortable and really sick... went home and been in bed since. I actually cannot believe I went to the shoot this morning. I feel (and look!) like sh***!

Now, sleep!