Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who said anything about dressing for the season?

Body pump last night. I arrived early to get a hold of some of the smaller, 1 kg weights, and fixed up my little ‘corner.’ As usual, the class was delayed 15 minutes, which normally doesn’t bother me, although when it’s supposed to start at 8.10pm and end at 9pm, it’s already quite late. Oh well. Soon the instructor came running, apologizing at the same time for being late. Although by then I had already stopped being annoyed by her not being on time. I was too busy staring at her. Poor girl, because she must have felt like a ZOO animal.

But I couldn’t help myself:

Tight, black, stomach short singlet.

(If possible) tighter black super, mini short hot pants showing off a lot more than what’s considered to be flattering. Oh, and a bit ‘YUM!’ in white text on the bum!

And then….

Leather boots!

Yeah baby.

(It’s around 34 degrees and quite humid outside but who cares?)

Let’s get pumping.

It was one of the more interesting classes I’ve ever taken. And it also explains all the men in the class. Normally we are just girls fighting over the lightest weights. This time the men joined in. (I wonder if it was because of the hot pants or the boots)


Anonymous said...

no photo :(

Pete In Syracuse said...

Probably the boots....Men can be such pigs....sorry guys! Maybe the instructor needs to be some ripped Guy....(hehe)

Bagman and Butler said...