Thursday, April 24, 2008

Early wknd

I am going to Shanghai today to see my old work mates from SH Magazine (Where I used to work before). Not so many left at SH nowadays, one had gone to Time out, some are at some Luxury Sailor’s magazine (?) and some are… just bumming around. We are going to eat at Yin, an ‘authentic’ Japanese/Chinese restaurant (apparently there are 2 sections so u can choose -I am guessing we will go for Chi) at Maoming Lu. I seriously cannot wait!

Then on Fri I have a girl's day of pampering and then a girl's nite out on the agenda. My good friend Anna has recently become single and what better way to get her out in the game but to fill her up with some pink cocktails and take her out in the balmy Shanghai night.

Saturday... I suppose I will be recovering.

The weather forecast for the weekend is for ONCE sunny! For every weekend now for the last month it has rained, so I am quite excited about swapping my sneakers for ballerina shoes and putting on the sunnys... IF the sun comes out that is. U never know what a heavy polluted sky can do to sunlight...

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