Thursday, April 3, 2008


I couldn't help overhearing this conversation from two young Chinese girls (C1 & C2) who were out and about with one young American girl who was apparently going back to America (A1).

C1: I cannot believe you are going back to America! We are going to miss you!
A1: I know, I will miss you too!
C2: So what will you do in America?
A1: I will go back to school again. I have to finish off my degree
C2: Does your school have many hot American boys?! *giggle*
A1: Haha, yes, I guess it does!
C2: Maybe you can bring my photo and show to them. Maybe you can find me an American boyfriend!?!
A1: Hahaha...
C2: But really! This is a good idea! Show them my picture! Find me a boyfriend!
A1: Okey... I will try!
C2: Great! I am sure they will like me!
C1: My God! You are so desperate!!!

Talk about pure honesty.


TG said...

Haha, browsing thru your old post and this one is very funny :)

bloggingupiseasyd said...

Very funny : )