Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The race is on!

Ready, set... go!

I am so proud of myself right now. No more talking from now on. Yesterday I joined the gym. The race is on! (the race= the race to Beach shape 2008)

Now, some funny details I’ve noticed about the gym is (except for the fact that girls nude up and dry blow themselves dry –from top to bottom- with the public hairdryers… Yum!) the fact that a lot of people don’t seem to understand how to use the machines, and mainly the treadmills or the cross-trainers. Either they climb up and almost fall off when the machine starts, or, they simply don’t turn the machine on, and just… starts working out with zero impact. Nevermind that there are about 999 “Mr-beef-look-alike-personal-trainers” walking around the place, those dudes are too busy mirroring themselves up to help the helpless.

If you’re a westerner (or a very hot guy or gal) you can expect to get some special treatment. Next week I’ve agreed to let a beefy dude measure my fat percentage… Yeah I know. This is like diving into shallow waters: you know you’re gonna hit the bottom hard. But I am curious to find out how the beefy guy will handle my session. I even feel like booking him in for a PT session straight afterwards.

The gym I joined has an impressive selection of classes: spinning, body balance, body jam, body combat, body this and body that. A lot of body activities, basically! Normally I skip everything that starts with ‘body’ and go for the most high-impact thing I can find at gyms, such as spinning or fat burner. But yesterday I watched a class of body jam and it looked like so much fun (2 lanky guys standing at a stage, waving their arms and doing some east coast signs) that I’ve now decided to give it a go. Actually, I am going to give EVERYTHING a go this time. Next Monday it will be me swinging my hips to the sound of snoop, meanwhile Mr East side will be cheering in delight.

Who knows, maybe I can find myself a dance partner?! From what I saw yesterday there are a lot of Chinese guys taking that class too.

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