Monday, April 7, 2008

Horseback riding in China: know-how

My bf's company is going horse back riding. To make sure everyone is prepared they sent out this little 'riding formula'.

Horse riding is a safty activity if you can follow the rules.Following are the notice and some suggestions for horseback riding.

Not allowed to share one horse by two or more than two person.

Not allowed to speed-compete when riding.

Don't go nearer than 2 meter to horse back legs from behind. Horse might be scared and might kick. It'ssafe to go near to horse head.

When the horse comes near, don’t shout;don;t make some movement abruptly;don’t wave truncheon.

Be friendly but strict to a horse. If you ask horse to move, it must move (ask as many times as needed). When horse moving stop asking。

Don’t make fun with your friend who is on the horseback.

★上马时脚尖内蹬,下马时先左脚脚尖内蹬,然后松开右脚,然后下马。上下马脚尖内蹬很重要,一旦马受惊或拒乘而跑开,人至多摔一交,如果全脚套在蹬内,就会拖蹬,这是非常危险的。 When mounting,your tiptoe energizes towards innerside;when dismounting, your left tiptoe energizes towards innerside,ease your right feet,then get down from the horseback.It would be very dangerous if you use your whole feet energizes towards innerside.

★不要在马上脱换衣服,尤其是鲜艳衣服,马容易眼生,你换衣服时马受惊跑动,人一下就摔下来了。 Don’t take off or exchange your clothes,especially the colorful clothes.The horse would could not recognize you and then running suddenly because of being scared.Then you would fall down.

"Don't make fun with your friend who is on the horseback" -hehe, classic!

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Lullun said...

*Hahaha* Jag kan verkligen se det framför mig, alla de nyblivna hästridningsexperter (!?!) när de ska till att ge sig av. Ingen grund att vara nervös efter att de blivit så väl påklädda av dessa otroliga regler...!? :-D