Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Last night's train ride

Many people wanted to take the same train as me, last night at 10.30pm...

As Monica pointed out in the comment's field, I have to tell you guys about last night’s long train ride. As expected, the ride was:

* Stinky
* Crowded
* Slow
* Loud
* But overall, okay!

I didn’t make any friends though. I got a mix of approving and confused looks when I took out my notepad and started practicing writing Chinese characters. When I finished writing, a Chinese man who sat opposite to me, pointed at his Chinese newspaper with a smile. I couldn’t help it, but I had to pick it up and pretend I could read and understand everything –which I did by delivering some content nods while I was turning the pages (But seriously, no way, Jose! Reading newspapers are still at least 6 months away for me!). Thankfully, this was just before we pulled up at Suzhou station and I could get off without being busted for faking my level of knowledge when it comes to Chinese characters.

However, I never really got around what the train was doing between Shanghai and Suzhou for such a long time. The only stop we made was at Kunshan station. I suppose our speed wasn’t the highest, so that must have been it.

(Oh, and the cookies were long gone long before I entered the train….)

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Lullun said...

Så fick vi, om inte löst mysteriet om vad tåget egentligen gör mellan de två ställena, iaf reda på vad som hände dig. :-)

Bra tips där med tidningen. :-)Liknande har man kört ett par gånger i olika sammanhang. Det är dock tyvär inte alltid man har lika tur och undgår att bli "avslöjad". *hihi*