Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shanghai street bites

Someone asked me what I think of the Chinese street food. Well, I definitely haven’t tried everything yet (stuff like duck’s neck is still a little bit too wild for my taste buds and mindset) but the most usual ones, like oysters, baozi (steamed breakfast bun), jiaozi (dumplings), wheel cakes, pancakes, pumpkin cake and meat sticks have gone down without any problems. Actually, I really enjoy most of the street food I’ve had here, although I have a bit of a sensitive stomach so the oil and the greasiness always results in me getting a stomach pain afterwards. But anyways, those days I go out to eat from the street stalls are those days that I end up saving a lot of money. Street food rarely costs more than 10 kuais (most things are actually between 3-5 kuais) in Shanghai and you don’t need to much to fill yourself up!

Anyways, I always tend to end up at Ulumuqi Lu or a section located behind Nanjing Xi Lu (close to the metro stop) when I go to grab a street snack. Does anyone have another place (in Shanghai or Suzhou) that they can recommend? When we first came to Shanghai we stayed at a hotel close to a nightly street food market, I think it was called ‘Yunnan Street Food’ or something like that. But at that time I was (embarrassingly enough) too scared to try anything because I didn’t speak a word of Chinese and I had this idea that I would get stomach sick if I even sniffed on street food. Thank lord that attitude is long gone!


Lullun said...

Åh, kinesisk street food! Väcker goda minnen och längtan. Mycket av det är ju bara SÅ gott. :-)

Men visst är det vissa saker som kanske inte ser alltför inbjudande ut. Tråkigt dock att din mage inte riktigt klarar det.

squid_kid said...

Ah yes the joys of street food. Like you I once loved the vendor food. Unfortunately all it took was one bad experience to change my mind. Now I cant even walk by without feeling ill. So sad :(

Jonna Wibelius said...

squid_kid -I feel your pain. The things u eat before u get really sick are things you rarely look at again.