Friday, April 11, 2008

Feng Shui -reflect your luck

I’ve just got to share this tale of Feng Shui luck with you…. (Who knows, it might inspire someone?) Everyone knows what Feng Shui (风水) is, right? If not, wikipedia will tell you the following:

“Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice believed to utilize the Laws of both Heaven, (astronomy), and Earth, (geography), to help one improve life by receiving positive Qi”.

Anyways, the other week, one of my friends, Sam, had a Chinese friend to come over to his house. Quite fast, the Chinese friend saw a big mirror the previous tenants had left facing the front door and told Sam that this was particularly bad because all Sam’s good luck would be reflected out of my front door. Sam thought “why not” and moved the mirror about a week ago.

One week later, he was at a job event and there was (as usual) a lucky draw. And guess who ended up winning first price, which was an airline ticket to India? Yup. Sam!

I don't know about you guys, but yesterday I moved my mirrors around. It was kind of hard though, because most of them are attached to the wall?


Kenth Fagerlund said...

Måste kommentera här oxå. Min flickvän är väldigt intresserad av Feng shui så många nya regler för mig.

1. Stäng dörren till muggen. Inte bara för eventuella dofter utan för att dörren var mot sovrummet och eftersom det är mycket vatten i badrummet och det betyder rikedom så kan min rikedom tur åka ut genom balkongen som är vid sovrumet.. (Något långsökt) haha

2. Sovrums dörren får inte vara mot ingången för det är otur av någon anledning jag inte kommer ihåg. Fast det kunde botas med att man hade stora växter ivägen..

Phu.. väldigt komplicerat..

Ps, efter badrums tipset så fick jag nytt job. haha.. något udda :D

Anonymous said...

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