Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bonding at the traffic lights

On my way to school at the traffic lights, a huge scooter with a tiny blond woman pulls up next to me and my too-small-for-me-but-it-was-the-best-I-could-do-bike. We look at each other.

-I hate this! She says.
-Me too. I agree. I get so angry when I ride my bike here.
-I am so scared!
-I am so frustrated.
-I am so scared!
She says again.

The lights go green and I watch the little woman on her big scooter go in for a left turn. She gets suck between a bunch of bikes and taxis coming from the other side and looks miserable.

Later we meet at the bike parking lot of the university.

-I hate this scooter, she says.
-Get a bike.
-I tried to tell my husband but he insisted on getting me this.
-Your husband doesn't have to ride it every day does he?
-True. I will tell him to get me a bike.
-He should know that scooters are boytoys.
-He should. Thanks.

And I have made a new friend!

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