Friday, September 26, 2008

Wake up call

I already can't wait for tomorrow

Don't u just love it when....

-U wake up in the morning, and your final light bulb shatters as you turn on the bathroom light. (bathroom = now unusable unless u bring a flash light). On top of that, a large, black spider (!) comes crawling out from the broken lamp (!?) and starts climbing the wall.

-U notice that the super glue that u (for no particular reason) bought last week at Carrefour has glued itself to your bookshelf. Never used it, just put it on the shelf. I guess it decided to take its own destiny in its own hands (or tube?) when it decided to attach itself. (I wonder how much we'll be charged for the shelf? Something tells me that our landlord won't let us get away with that...)

-Ur throat is still killing you, although it's been 3.5 days of drinking hot water, tea, lemon and u name it. Come on virus. Depart this body now!

-U spill toothpaste on your top.

-U run out of muesli.

-U run out of patience.

-It's a minor rain storm out there.
-And it's not even 9 am?!!!

Gosh, I SO should have stayed in bed today!!!! Only comfort is that at least it's NOT Monday....


Unknown said...

Jonna Jonna Jonna - the only thing you do when you write like this is make people hope you'll have more bad days cause this is funnyyy! ;)
Feel better! NOW! (that's an order)

Anonymous said...

Go back to bed and start again tomorrow!