Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chinese pharmacies

I am still (!) sick (what the f****) so life hasn't been that exciting during the last few days.. I got sick of watching DVDs yesterday so I went to school... only to cough my face red during lunch with my classmates. (It must have been the spicy mapu dofu) A Korean classmate tried to comfort me:

-don't worry, my face also gets red when I drink alcohol.


So... today I went to the pharmacy (I am becoming a regular!) to stack up with some heavier drugs. Many westerners that I know over here are a bit reluctant to visit the Chinese pharmacies... I personally think they are great! Their staff are always friendly, helpful and best of all: their drugs are cheap cheap cheap!!! Of course, it is recommended that u google whatever u have bought before u use it... Once I ended up with heavy sleeping pills that are normally not available unless prescribed (those ones went to the bin). I have also heard of friends buying medicines that are forbidden in Europe as they have an iffy side effect: death. (as I said: google first, then use!!!) So obviously u should be a bit careful with what u buy there (A safe buy is their green, bad smelling mosquito repellent).

When it comes to cold relieves, I think most of their stuff is pretty harmless, although taste wise... YUK! I asked the lady in the pharmacy before I bought the stuff about the taste, and she said it wasn't too bad.... well, I guess we have completely different taste buds then... because seriously: yuk, yuk, yuk. The cough medicine I got was OK but the powder that should be dissolved in water before u drink it (It's supposed to help a sore throat) looked and tasted the same... and let me tell u this much: the fluid was dark brown.

Ah I am just hoping for this flu to disappear but it seems to be the stubborn kind. Tomorrow the golden week is starting and the streets will be filled with people. Would love to be able to join them...

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