Friday, September 5, 2008

Little muscle guy strikes again

Yesterday at the gym I ran into a certain "guy" (read my post from June 19, "Attempted pick up (?) at the gym") which I have almost successfully been avoiding since then. Only thing that happened after his attempted pick up (?) at the gym is that we met at Starbucks and he convinced me to give him my mobile number. After a lot of excuses I ended up giving him an old Shanghai number (I considered giving a phony number but since we hang out at the same spots I knew that wouldn't work. Also, seeing that he knows that I have a bf I figured that maybe he simply just wants to be friends afterall...), and soon after that I went on a holiday, so I never had to deal with the rest.

Yesterday, however, he 'caught' me, and I had to talk to him.

-Hey, have u moved to Shanghai? he asked (hm.. seeing that we were standing at a gym at 7pm in Suzhou I couldn't help but feeling that this question was a bit stupid?!)
-Nope. Still here. (In flesh and blood as u can see, I almost added).
-Well I tried to call you but your phone was off?
-I've been on a holiday overseas.
-But the number you gave me is a Shanghai number.
-Yes, I have 2 numbers since I often work in Shanghai.
-So you should give me your Suzhou number.
-Ehum... nah, I don't think that is necessary.
-Why not?
(WHY NOT?! Geeez... not getting it, are we?!) -Well, I still use the Shanghai number so that should be enough.
-But come on, give me your Suzhou number
(by this time we were in the middle of the gym and he had taken out his phone, ready to get my number. I felt like a complete fool as a smaller audience -including my trainer friends- were watching).
-Ehum, u can just use the Shanghai number... I said (probably looking like a tomato by that time). I better go now!
-But last time I tried it it didn't work?
-Well that is because the phone was turned off?! I have been abroad!
-Ok then... well I thought we could go for coffee!?
-Eh, I am late for my class, BYE!!!
And so I escaped to the changing rooms.

Holy crap. I am having big regrets of convincing myself that giving him my number -as a FRIEND- was OK (although I know this was a terrible mistake. I should stop being so damn nice all the time and just say: NO!). If he still calls I don't know what to say to be more obvious? Or, is this just some sort of gym-behavior he's doing, walking around with his phone and collecting phone numbers so that he can look cool to the guys and like a dickhead to the girls? Anyways, I know I won't be picking up my Shanghai phone for a while.


Anonymous said...

Just tell him you are a lesbian. It works for my cousin all the time.

Anonymous said...

Jonna - I live in Shanghai so I'll only need your Shanghai number, thanks :-p

But seriously that's really poor etiquette to try and pick up and harass people while they are working out at the gym. Some guys are persistent, and not just Chinese guys. I'm the opposite, I'll shrivel up and disappear at the slightest sign a girl is not interested (which is bad because sometimes they just want you to try a bit harder so they give the APPEARANCE of not being too easy).

At the end of the day if he gets too pushy I don't think you need to worry about being impolite, tell him to get lost.

Anonymous said...

Just tell him you have a boyfriend and not looking at the moment. I don't get why you have to be so vague about it when it makes you so uncomfortable.

Arthur said...

I'd also tell him to go see a shrink. (if they have that in China) Maybe he wasn't loved by his mother, and now he isn't aware of his complexes.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Well he already knows I have a bf as that is nothing I have been vague about.. that's why I find it a bit annoying that he's still being so pushy. Anyways, no biggy. I guess I just have to be a bit more rude next time.

Anonymous said...

Telling a guy that you have a boyfriend doesn't mean anything. How many girls would dump their old boyfriend for a new one? It happens all the time. So you need to be very clear. Tell him you don't feel comfortable meeting him one on one or letting him call you. As a guy, I don't understand why girls are so vague sometimes. And you don't even know you are vague. It may not be your fault, but guys don't get it unless you are very blunt and clear.

Sam said...

I wonder what he would do if you said, "My boyfriend just got out of jail for beating up the last guy that called me..."

Jonna Wibelius said...

Sam -I bet he would say: 'bring it on!' (he's that type. Like I said: a little muscle man that probably spends too much time at the gym).