Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Postponed running comeback

Not sure how this happened, but I am sick like a dog today! Yesterday morning I felt a slight itch in my throat…. Later the same day I started feeling cold and from there it just went out of control: within some hours my throat was clogged, my head ached, I had high fever and felt awful. Today the fever has dropped but the throat is still a mess and my head feels heavy. So much for doing a comeback on the treadmill this week, hah! Instead I am sitting in my bed feeling sorry for myself. I HATE BEING SICK! I hate not being able to train, to eat, to get on with my daily duties (I tried taking strong painkillers to get rid of the worse headache so that I could still be focussed enough to study or something, but it didn’t help. My head still feels like it weighs 100 pounds). Obviously, it’s not the end of the world, I bet I will get better soon, but it’s still so frustrating when it comes out of nowhere and just hits you like a sledgehammer. Oh well. Let’s hope I’m fit for fight soon again.

Actually, I better be. Yesterday I signed up to participate in a ‘sporting event’ held at my uni after the October holiday. I wanted to run the 5000 m race but it was only for boys (arrrggghhh!!!) so I had to settle for the women’s 3000 m. I have never participated in a short-distance race before so this will be interesting. I guess everybody will think I am really fast when they first see my long legs but well, they sure are going to be surprised because I am not a ‘speed’ runner at all.. in fact, I am all about long-distance. I can easily go for 1.5 to 2 hours, and I believe if I pushed myself I could run for even 3 hours, but 3000 m in a fast speed? Haha! Well, like I said, it will be interesting!

Since I can’t find enough inspiration to write a good post today, I guess I better leave it at this. I guess I should mention that I was sadly shocked when I heard of what happened in Finland yesterday morning; the school shot out. Awful. Having a lot of bonds to Finland it makes you feel a bit extra sad. As sad as when u read about the Sanlu milk scandal. Wow –in a way I am ‘happy’ that this blog is not about current affairs because it would mainly be depressing. So much sh** happening all around the world a.t.m. I guess everything feels extra dark on a day like this when u can’t even go out and embrace the sunlight. Anyways, I am off to have another kiwi, if you have any suggestions for super-cures, please feel free to share.


Anonymous said...

Try olive leaf extract - I swear by it! The earlier you take it the better, but it should help even now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jonna, just want to say I hope you get better soon and good luck with the race!

Little Tiger said...

I hope you have a speedy recovery!

The shooting in Finland was absolutely terrible. Finland, along with the States has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world, so I think heavy restrictions need to be applied.
As they say 'out of sight, out of mind'