Friday, October 24, 2008

It's not the Olympics is it?!!!

Yesterday our teacher came to class looking a bit serious.

-I have two announcements to make, he said.

We were all ears.

-Your midterms will take place on Nov 3 and 4... bla bla bla... (holy crap.. I don't feel ready for this!)

-The second announcement is for You Na (that's me). All eyes fell on me and I instantly turned into a tomato, thinking I was about to be downgraded to Mandarin level 3 because of me neglecting homework lately.

-I have seen that you signed up for one of the hardest events for Suzhou University's sport's day next week. Well, we take this kind of serious so in order to compete you will have to take a health test to see that your health is good enough.

-Eh... sure... I didn't realise it was that serious.

-Well, for longer distances, like the one you signed up for, we don't want to take any risks. Next Tue at 2 pm you have to go to this doctor. The teacher then handed me a personal written note, which described the situation.

Oh, and FYI: I signed up for a 3000 m race! (A 3000 M RACE?!)


Anonymous said...

Frankly, I have never ever finished a 3000 run in my life. And most of my Chinese neither.

Hope you can grab a GOLD or something, makes it more "Olympics".

Anonymous said...

It is a pain in the ass. Since I compete a lot around China I got to do several tests like this every month.

It does not help even if you got a health certificate

Jonna Wibelius said...

Emil -so u're a pro... no wonder u keep on telling me to run race after race... I'm def not on a competative level (I am actually starting to regret signing up for that 3000m competition -seems like it's a quite serious thing?!) I just really love running. But maybe 3000m was a mistake. I'm more of a long-distance runner (although at the moment I guess I am neither since my health has been so poor lately).

Anyways, good luck with your competitions! Where's the one in Suzhou that u r planning to participate in? Something worth watching?

Anonymous said...

It is in 苏州市工业圆区唯亭镇青剑湖, but I got no idea where that actually is.

No, I guess it will be pretty boring to watch. Except if you like guys in thight pants :D

Good luck in your own race aswell, just remeber to start your race in your own pace, chinese students usually go out in an extremely high pace, but get tired after the first lap :)