Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bits and pieces

Three funny things that have occurred within the last 48 hours.

1. Me and my bf went into a shop. He went to the booze section and I went for some ladies stuff. When I'd found what I needed I went over to him, as he was standing with a bottle of Bai Jiu (gift -no we don't drink this sweet poison) in his hand, chatting to two male shop assistants. They looked at him as if he was the Hulk, and barely glanced as me when I came over.
-You are so strong! You are so tall! I heard them saying as I grabbed my bf's arm and dragged him to the check out counter. I couldn't help it, I simply just had to stop them from boosting his already close-to-exploding-big-head. I mean, they call him 'handsome' (帅哥) at the gym for crying out loud?!

2. I was awarded a price (!) for (OK, folks, hold your breathe for this one!) 'student that has made the most progress this semester' at my university!!!??! Cool, huh? Although it wasn't only me who got it. Me and another guy from my class, plus a bunch of other people from other classes. But still! We had a kind of 'end of semester ceremony' when my name was suddenly called out (I didn't get it at all. I heard my name being called out and I thought they were calling out the names of student who needed to go to the office to clear out visa issues...) and I got to go to the front of the lecture hall and pick up a diploma (which came with an envelope with 100 kuai! A study Hong Bao I assume?). I don't understand much of what the diploma says (I haven't made THAT much progress yet!) but I am still childishly happy because of it and has placed it close to our door so that anyone who steps into our flat can see and read it. Yes. You are allowed to do this, I tell myself.

3. I have inspired the personal trainers at my gym! By now, everyone knows I am a big fan of skipping ropes. What do you think I saw 2 days ago? Oh yes. Trainers commanding their clients to skip, skip, skip. Now I am just waiting for them to come up with a common skipping class too. Something like 'body combat meets skipping rope', or, maybe they could combine it with yoga? First you hop, then you drop (onto your yoga mat)?! Okay okay, maybe no class then, but still, I am very happy to see other people joining my little skipping party. It is such a great exercise after all, so there are few reasons not to skip.

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