Friday, July 18, 2008

Procrastination (somthing I am good at)

I wonder why I keep doing this to myself. It is 6am and I am 'ready' for my morning run. Well, ready or ready? I did get up up, and then I had about 1 liter of water (I should really pea!) and now I am procrastinating leaving my flat. I don't like these morning runs! It doesn't matter how healthy or good they are, I still despise them! Mornings are for sleeping, days are for running?! Stupid Shanghai Marathon that has to be at 7am in the morning. And even MORE STUPID me who decided to run that thing. Now I've waited for 15 minutes and if I don't go soon I know I will be very disappointed with myself later today. But damn... who said getting used to running during the mornings were easy? Remind me, if I ever start talking about race challenges or things like that again that remind me of the fact that it's not for me.

OK, here we go. 45 minutes of torture is about to begin. And I don't even have any peanut butter. Not that I like peanut butter but still. Damn.

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