Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stomach flu prevention?


....and rub!

It is interesting to take note of what friend and family that come to visit me in China do in order to prevent getting stomach sick here.

Some prepare by eating stomach bacteria two weeks prior to arriving.
Some refuse to eat Chinese food while they are here.
Some refuse to eat at all (? –your loss!).
Some vaccinate themselves prior to coming here.
Some overdose on instant-stop-the-flu-pill.
Some wash their hands every hour.
Some suffer in silence meanwhile comforting themselves with the fact that they are losing a lot of weight.

And some, take it a bit further and bring a hand disinfection spray, which is normally used at dental clinics or hospitals by doctors and dentists who don’t want to wash their hands every five minutes. Yes, of course I am talking about my mom.

Last time she and my brother were here they carried around this spray everywhere and to tell you the truth: they sprayed everywhere and everyone. Even me although I obliged. Waiters at restaurants thought this was quite amusing until mom also tried to spray them.

Oh, and the result of the spray?

Well of course she got sick. Very sick. And my brother too.

But afterwards they went to Burger King and had a feast and to be frank: I don't think my mom has ever eaten at Burger King before. So at least it opened some new doors to her. Thanks, disinfection spray!


Anonymous said...

If you insist on disinfecting everything around you and try to live inside sterile cocoon, you cease to develop anti-bodies so when you do come up against a bit of muck you have previously overlooked you suffer for it. I thought everyone with a braincell between his/her ears knew that.

Anonymous said...

Jonna Wibelius said...

Hey, she's a dentist, so trust me, she's got plenty of braincells. I never said she used this spray at home, but just during her one week of travelling in China. And at work of course.