Sunday, July 6, 2008

The wknd in Shanghai

Friday started off with a spoken exam (that, for ONCE, went really well. I babbled away about everything and anything and left the room feeling confident. I got the feeling that my teacher sincerely understood what I told her, hehe). The exam was followed by a visit to the gym where I, despite a sore foot (post broken pain? Not sure, but hurts like hell) spent one hour running on the treadmill. They have FINALLY turned the air con on at the gym (before it has just been ‘cooled down’ by a modest amount of fans), and wow, what a difference it made?! For once I didn’t feel as if my head was a heated bomb, ready to explode when I was running on the treadmill. Nice.

I caught the 4.20pm train to Shanghai. The train station was, as usual, mega crowded and my train was delayed, making it even more hot and sweaty on the over crowded station and then on the train. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Some young Chinese girls came up to me and told me I could have their seat while I was waiting for the train. Sweet!

In Shanghai it was as steaming hot as in Suzhou, if not worse, and I ran some errands, including buying a mobile recharge card, before I went to my friend Anna’s place.

Funny thing, when I walked into the convenience store, there were a bunch of older women having some sort of meeting at the counter, and when they saw me, one started screaming:

-老外来了,老外来了!!! =Lao wai lai le = foreigner is coming.
(When is the novelty going to wear off? I wonder if it then will feel weird to live here)

And then every one made way for me and carefully studied what I did, what I bought and what I said. Some satisfied/amused grunts followed my short conversation I had with the sales woman about the mobile recharge card. The older generation here really seems to appreciate when u can (or OK, when you TRY to) speak Mandarin.

At Anna’s place we got comfortable with wine, sushi and snacks and then followed a night out at Bar Rouge. I’ve never actually been to Bar Rouge before, because I have had this idea that it is a snobby and pretentious place (meaning: a place I would like to avoid!), but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! The people weren’t that snobby, the bartenders were friendly (much friendlier than at some other Bund bars!) and the music was okay. Only thing was that every single guy we talked to was a bit short, making me feel like a giant!? Like, their head reaching up to my chest sort of thing? Or maybe I was pushing my luck, wearing 6cm heels and basically turning into a walking tower (181cm)

Nothing special happened, or yes, well, I got a bit insulted when I was standing at the bar around 4am, drinking some water and a guy (who said he was from Italy, although he sure did not look Italian?) came up to talk to me. When he saw the water bottle in my hand he said:

-Oh my, you are so drunk you have to drink water! Well, no point talking to you then!?
Ehum?! Excuse me?

Later, that same guy came back and asked for my phone number. I just starred at him.
-You really want my number? I asked.
-Yes! He said.
-No point! I said and walked away.

(Ahhhh.. I am happy I am not single in this town!)

On Sunday morning Shanghai was baking in the heat and my head was pounding from an evil hangover. I had some errands to run, but everything got a bit delayed, and most of the day was actually spend in restaurants (Starbucks –Mc Donalds –Hunan restaurant –the latter was the best!) trying to satisfy my hangover cravings as the same time as trying to escape the heat. I caught a late train back to Suzhou, and I have to say it was nice to wake up my own bed (and without a headache) this morning.

Today I have to study as I have my last exam tomorrow, and I should also go to the gym… so quite a boring day lies ahead, but well. After tomorrow’s exam I am more or less FREE and a holiday is awaiting so I am definitely not complaining. It’s pretty hot a.t.m, around 34 degrees and humid, so it sort of feels like the right time to make a move.


Anonymous said...

Jonna, you are hanging around with the wrong crowd. Nothing good happens after midnight, young lady! Do something more productive with your time.

Jonna Wibelius said...

I believe I am very productive during day time. So why not let my hair down at night time? :)

Anonymous said...

walking tower (181cm)
That's ture.