Monday, July 28, 2008

"Your Say" at China Daily

Picture: China Daily

Someone at China Daily seems to dig my blog as s/he now twice has quoted me in a section called 'Your Say' (what I find extra funny is that unless a reader would have pointed this out I would have been clueless about the fact that I have had a 'say' at China Daily...). I'm not quite sure if it is a good or a bad thing that s/he calls me 'an inventive young lady'.... It sounds a bit smug?!

Anyhow, here is a link to my 'underwear in your handbag in order to avoid metro guards'

And here's me talking about dirty warehouses being homes to good vegetable markets....


Anonymous said...

Sounds like China Daily can't afford to high good quality writer so that they have to poach the blogs to fill the space. It is decent of them to at least put your url in the post.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think it borders on plagiarism or perhaps I am being cynical of Chinese journalism. It's so common for "articles" to be basically copied from other soures and there's almost no original pieces. I didn't like how they deliberately didn't link but just wrote the address of your URL. That way, there's no way for you to know. If they linked then it would show up on the incoming links report that most blog software lists.

I too only found out after a reader told me and snce then they haven't used my blog at all.

Jonna Wibelius said...

spambait -yeah, fair enough if they want to use quality stuff from my blog (......ehum) but I don't understand why they don't notify the writer first?

woai -I wonder who reads an article like the 'Your Say'? It would be more interesting if they'd got some direct quotes from the blogger rather than just brining in extracts from his/her's blog?

Anonymous said...

Yes that's EXACTLY what I am talking about. It's done in such a sneaky way. If it's YOUR SAY then they should actually ask us bloggers to make a comment on certain topics, like a mini interview. Bizarre!

Anonymous said...

Ask the person at the China Daily to publish this:

Olympic games for Athletes
Did we just witness the Olympic summer games for athletes? I think not.

The Olympic games to me are simply: 1) participation, 2) personal achievements, 3) a world stage. Games that are strictly for athletes; a four year focus for them to achieve their best. Their goals, their stage, their party. We should keep it that way regardless of government, nationality, politics, military or religion.

This 2008 Olympics was again an example of sport not separated from politics with a national PR campaign and brand name advertising thrown into the mix. A coming out party for China? Hardly. It was a flash show and a stale one at that. China is run by a repressive regime and it is difficult to attempt to mask this by hiding behind a flashy show. The spots on the leopard so to speak. China will of course continue to abuse human rights; no summer game will change that just yet. And China will not separate their central party theme from their sport any time soon. Did they really think this would change anything in the country or change world opinion?

What did it cost China for the flashy summer party? 32 Billion was it? Compare this with the money not being spent on their own citizenry due to corrupt party politicians. Or money not spent on the ethnic minorities. Or for land appropriations. For destitute farmers. Destitute city dwellers from rural regions. Sudan weapons trading... The list goes on in this sad state of affairs in this corrupt nation.

The 2008 summer games... a 16 day show at a cost of 2 Billion per day.

Was it worth it?

Not for the majority of the people in China. A pity that.

If the games were meant to be about participation and personal achievements on a world stage, why don't we revert them back to Greece? Back to the origins, back to the true meaning of the games. It is a thought. We could hold the games in an area created and maintained by international funding. It won't be athletic games associated with any particular country...

It'll be the Olympic games for athletes.