Monday, September 1, 2008

Rainbow walk in Suzhou

Rainbow walk

We went down to Suzhou's 'rainbow walk' (by Jin Ji Hu -the big lake in SIP, eastern Suzhou) for dinner last Sat. Quite good. Nice atmosphere. Quite different to the Friday night at Muse nightclub in Shanghai. At 10pm at the lake families were walking around, kids were playing, eating ice cream, couples were snuggling, some (including me) were taking photos... I didn't see any drunk people except for when we passed Zapatas, one of the most popular bars/nightclubs (with a large expat crowds) also located by the lake. But really, drunk people are a minority at the Jinji Hu by night. I guess that can be quite nice for a change.

By the end of December Suzhou's rainbow walk will get some competition from the Ligongdi ( Suzhou's new and glam bar/nightclub/restaurant spot that is located at the other end of the lake) that is said to open its bar and nightclubs by then (right now only some of the restaurant have opened, making it a quite dull and empty place). If you drop by Suzhou make sure you check out both the Rainbow walk and the Ligongdi by night. If nothing else it's a quite impressive light show.

Next time I'll bring my tripod to make sure I can get at least one good photo...


Anonymous said...

There are some nice condos in Ligongdi area, I almost bought one. I think they will build a subway line to there.

Jonna Wibelius said...

They are building a subway line in the SIP but apparently it won't be ready until 2010?! :(